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World Day for Physical Activity

The International Society of Physical Activity and Health proclaimed that this year’s theme for World Day of Physical Activity is – “Have a Good Time! Be Active!” – emphasizing the importance of having fun through movement. If we enjoy physical activity, we are more likely to keep it up!

Today, SSISA celebrates the International Day for Sport and Physical Activity (IDSPA) and the International Day for Sport, Development and Peace (IDSDP) along with the rest of the globe. In 2013, it was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly that the 6th April annually will be celebrated as the International Day of Sports and Physical Activity, and the first celebration of IDSPA took place on 6 April 2014. This was done for many reasons namely:

  • To celebrate the contribution of sport and physical activity to education, human development.
  • Healthy lifestyles and a peaceful world. The 1st International Day of Sport for Development and Peace was celebrated on 6 April 2014.

Sport and Physical Activity has been recognised as a unique tool to achieve the UN's Sustainable Development Goal, specifically Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being. The vision of the SDGs are to transform our world by 2030 through achieving the identified 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


Former United Nations Special Adviser to the United Nations Secretary-General on Sport for Development and Peace has stated that, "Sport has proven to be a cost-effective and flexible tool for promoting peace and development objectives. Since the inception of the MDGs in 2000, sport has played a vital role in enhancing each of the eight Goals, a fact that has been recognized in numerous resolutions of the General Assembly." Sport and physical activity contribute to society by playing a role in advancing social progress and providing a space for education, self-development, social development, and recreation to take place.


The UNESCO’s Executive Board welcomed and endorsed by recommendation of the Declaration of the United Nations’ third International Forum on Sport for Peace and Development to proclaim an “International Day of Sports and Physical Activity”; and further invited the Director-General to support all efforts leading the United Nations General Assembly to proclaim this Day.


In addition, the World Health Organisation promotes "move for health" each year to promote the benefits of physical activity as an essential part of overall health and well-being. Reportedly, the date 6 April has been used since the year 2003 by some civil society organisations for celebrating a “World Day for Physical Activity”


The Sports Science Institute of South Africa celebrates this day to promote physical activity and sport for high performance athletes, coaches, and administrators. Additionally, we acknowledge the power of sport to bridge gaps within our society and invite our members to celebrate with us. 


From all of us at SSISA and HPALS UCT, we wish you a wonderful day of Sport and Physical Activity.


Yours in Sports Science,

Sports Science Institute of South Africa