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Women-only weight training programme

Empowering women to take control of their health, get stronger, and feel confident in a gym setting. 

The programme is structured over 12 weeks and is broken up into 4 phases. Participants complete 3 EmpowHer workouts a week. Two strength sessions and one cardio and isolation session. 

Each phase has 6 primary movements in it. Participants repeat this structure 4 times so they get the opportunity to see improvement in each phase. 

The programme offers the following


Educational e-book


Periodised strength training classes x 3 per week


Girl-gang community to keep you accountable


Workout log book


Knowledge to grow your confidence in the gym


Educational talks

Interested? We’ll contact you


EmpowHer is for females interested in joining a strength training programme. You do not need prior weightlifting experience.

You do not need to be a member to join one of our programmes. These programmes are available to the general public.
Programmes are not included in memberships. Ask your sales consultant or contact if you would like to find out how much a programme costs.
A programme runs for a set period of time and is not included in your membership. A class runs throughout the year and is included in your membership.

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