Sports Performance Centre


Sports Specific Fitness Assessments

At SSISA, we have developed a range of fitness assessments that determine your...

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One-on-One Strength & Conditioning

Individual strength and conditioning sessions with one of our expert high performance...

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Small Group Strength & Conditioning

Perform sport-specific strength and conditioning sessions in small groups of arthletes or...

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Key Focus Areas

Cycling Services

Our cycling laboratory, engineered by the experts at Science to Sport, is a state of the art facility. The performance testing and bike...

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Running Services

Our running services include expert physiological testing, biomechnical analysis and coaching to help you achieve your personal best....

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Swimming Services

Join our novice to elite swim squads, perform swimming specific land-based strength and conditioning or simply improve your swim...

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Rugby Science

With a strong footprint in rugby science, our research has impacted on rugby rules, resulting in a reduction in catastrophic...

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Endurance Studio

The dream of any endurance athlete, whether you are professional or recreational. Backed by over 20 years of in-house science and research and managed by the SSISA’s Sports Performance Centre, it’s an ideal place to train. Our studio is equipped with 10 brand new Wattbikes, 8 Grucox eccentric isokinetic bikes and a core stretching area.

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RIPT is high intensity, functional training at its best. If you perform regular exercise, and are keen to take your training to the next level with guidance from experts in the field, then RIPT might be for you.

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Our High Performance Gym is open to anyone looking to improve their performance. It’s a space that allows you to unleash your inner athlete through the use of specialised equipment and expert guidance. The gym is open to individuals and teams and we have a variety of options to suit your needs and includes several racks, rigs and platforms and caters to high performance athletes and competitive weightlifters.

Swimming Squads

Join our novice to elite swim squads, perform swimming specific land-based strength and conditioning or simply improve your swim stroke. Find out more.

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The SSISA Platinum membership is aimed at active members, as well as recreational and serious athletes, who already have established routines and want to maximise their training options and add variety to their workouts.

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Team Testing

Our indoor testing centre can host large groups or teams and includes various testing...

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Team Training

Team-based  strength and conditioning sessions with our expert high performance...

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Athlete Monitoring

We are able to develop and implement bespoke and cost-effective athlete monitoring systems...

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