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Our Story

The concept of the Sports Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA) was born from the idea of developing sporting icons in South Africa to promote national pride and unity. The initial vision was generated after extensive interaction between Morné du Plessis, Professor Tim Noakes, and Johann Rupert. Their goal was to provide a facility that would primarily fund research and apply that research to sports so that athletes of all disciplines could improve their performance.

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our vision

At SSISA we strive to improve the health and sporting performance of everyone who walks through our doors. We believe that everyone can achieve their goals and we work from a variety of perspectives to support and help you on your journey. Our goal is to positively impact lives and to make our services, activations, and expertise accessible.

our values

SSISA’s values are based on the principles of integrity, science, community, performance, and enterprise as expounded by the founders of the Organisation and the Board. We believe that these values have enabled us to provide beneficial expertise to anyone who seeks our assistance.

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Our Staff and Partners

Meet our people and partners who help us disseminate science, and impact positively on humankind through sports and exercise.

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Our People

Our culture is driven by the sense of belonging you feel when you walk through the doors. We are friendly and professional and ensure that the results of our research are translated to reach the greater South Africa, and beyond.


SSISA looks to potential partners to work together on our goal to positively impact lives.



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