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Boxing as a vehicle for adolescent mental fitness

Headstrong® is an adolescent mental fitness programme designed to support adolescents during this phase of their development to overcome challenges experienced, using sport as a tool to facilitate the delivery of mental fitness skills that adolescents could equip themselves with to manage stress and navigate their opportunities and challenges more responsibly.


Headstrong® mental fitness programmes assist in helping youth carve out their unique identities as they form part of the social fabric of this world.

Introducing the Punch High Workshop, deemed to be a programme that transcends the realms of traditional physical activity. By using boxing as a medium to teach essentiallife-skills to adolescents, the Punch High Workshop aims to assist adolescents to embark on a path of personal growth, empowerment and limitless possibilities to learn more about their mind-body connection, resilience, confidence, grit and stress-management. 

This programme has three distinct phases:

Phases of Headstrong Punch High workshop

Phase 1: Break Down Barriers with the Ultimate Icebreaker

Boxing serves as a powerful icebreaker in our workshop, especially for beginners. As participants step onto the mat together, a unique camaraderie is formed. We embrace the challenges and triumphs as a collective, transcending individual barriers and fostering an inclusive environment. This shared experience paves the way for meaningful connections, trust-building, and a sense of belonging, creating a solid foundation for personal growth.


Phase 2: Ignite the Mind-Body Connection

Boxing demands a profound connection between the mind and body, and in our workshop, we harness this synergy to unleash the hidden powers within. Through expert guidance and immersive exercises, we empower participants to tap into their inner strength and cultivate a heightened sense of self-awareness. The mind-body connection becomes a tool for unlocking focus, concentration, and resilience. This newfound clarity extends beyond the mats, enabling participants to face life's challenges head-on and seize opportunities with confidence.


Phase 3: Shifting Perspectives, Unlocking Possibilities

For teens who feel trapped in limiting beliefs, the Punch High Workshop offers a transformative escape. Through the physicality of boxing, participants break free from self-imposed boundaries and embrace a mindset of possibility. By pushing beyond their perceived limitations, they witness first-hand the incredible potential that lies within. The journey of boxing becomes a powerful metaphor for life's obstacles, fostering resilience, determination, and a mindset of continuous growth.


The Headstrong® “Punch-High” workshop will be hosted at the SSISA facilities in Cape Town. The workshop is designed to equip your teen with tools and techniques to cope with challenges and build healthy mental fitness habits for life. Click HERE to Sign-up for our 4 day “Punch High” workshop. Headstrong® encourages all teens to join the Punch High Workshop and embark on a transformational adventure that goes beyond physical fitness and spills into mental fitness through being physically active. The programme is designed for all teens, regardless of gender, ethnicity, background, or religious beliefs – It is all inclusive


Yours in Sports Science,

Sports Science Institute of South Africa