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Endurance training at its best!

The SSISA Endurance Studio is the dream of any endurance athlete, whether you are professional or recreational. Backed by over 20 years of in-house science and research and managed by the SSISA’s Sports Performance Centre, it’s an ideal place to train. Our studio is equipped with 10 brand new Wattbikes, 8 Grucox eccentric isokinetic bikes and a core stretching area.

Our watt bike classes are open to all of our Endurance Studio and Platinum Gym members


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Endurance Studio Membership Benefits

Unlimited access to Wattbike and Grucox training.

All programmes and training sessions are engineered by the Science to Sport cycling experts.

Free Wattbike classes.

Free setup of a Trainingpeaks account and programme.

Individualised training zones and prescription.

Opportunity to experience the SSISA Endurance Studio “WOW” (Workout of the Week).

Take a tour of the studio

Get a glimpse of the Endurance Studio - kitted out with 10 Wattbikes, 8 Grucox eccentric bikes and a core stretching area. Everything you need to help you work towards your personal best.


The Endurance Studio is unique in the fact that all training programmes and sessions are backed by more than 20 years of in-house science and research. Training sessions have been specifically engineered by the cycling experts from Science to Sport and the SSISA Sports Performance Centre.

Because all training sessions are individualised relative to each member’s ability, an initial performance assessment is critical. Our sign on process therefore consists of performance assessments on both the Wattbike and the Grucox bike. The results of these short tests are also used to track and monitor progress. Each time a member completes a performance assessment, the results will be emailed to them.

It is very hard to replicate the experience of riding outside or on an indoor cycle. The added wind and magnetic resistance of the Wattbikes, give a very realistic ride feel and this has made Wattbike market leaders in terms of their ride feel. Wattbikes also contain an accurate and repeatable power meter.

Group classes are an excellent way to keep you motivated. However, it is advised that all members follow their individual periodised training programmes. This includes progressive cycles or training blocks, each with its own objective. Following a periodised training programme, like the one we will activate for you, will result in the best long term progress.

The key difference between a Grucox isokinetic bike and a standard bike is that the Grucox bike allows you to train eccentrically. Eccentric training involves the muscle lengthening (as opposed to shortening) while load is placed through it. On the Grucox bike, this is achieved when trying to slow down the pedals. Eccentric cycling has been shown to have several positive performance and health benefits.

Yes, current SSISA fitness centre members pay only a small top-up fee to allow them to become Endurance Studio members too.

The Endurance Studio is designed for the endurance athlete (cyclists, runners etc.) and is suited for everyone, recreational to professional. The studio is equipped with 10 Wattbikes, 8 Grucox eccentric isokinetic bikes, and a core stretching area. Similar to the Fitness Centre, the Endurance studio has free unlimited use available to its members.

For those stretched for time or athletes who want to apply greater focus to their training, an indoor endurance focused studio can be a huge help. Training indoors on a Wattbike or indoor trainer, allows for a far greater training stress and stimulus compared to cycling for the same duration outdoors. When you are on an indoor cycle, there is never a lapse of effort, like stopping at a stop street or coasting down a hill; you have to work each second of the way.

Wattbike classes are available free of charge to all Endurance Studio members. Class schedules are communicated via a weekly newsletter and bikes can be booked via an online booking system to ensure that your seat is secured.

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