Research Innovative Performance Training

RIPT is high intensity, functional training at its best. If you perform regular exercise, and are keen to take your training to the next level with guidance from experts in the field, then RIPT might be for you.

RIPT is a Sports Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA) research-based group-training programme. The performance training uses a combination of several modalities (Olympic lift, strongman, functional exercises, body weight and cardiovascular exercises, high intensity circuits type movements) to improve your fitness, functionality and strength in a safe environment, while providing ongoing assessment and feedback.



  • All instructors are biokineticists
  • Structured and varied environment to allow for safe advanced high intensity group training
  • Suitable for both men and women (minimum age 15)
  • Classes are designed to cater for varying levels of fitness and technical ability
  • Membership entitles you to 3 classes per week (06:30 and 18:30)
  • Follows a periodised training programme with on-going assessments and feedback


Step one: Contact us on 021 659 5600 or Sign up for a free introductory class. One of our consultants will than send you a pre-participation competency and health screen to access if you qualify for the class.
Step two: Choose a contract (1 to 12 months)
Step three: Start attending regular classes
Check out what you’re in for here:
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