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Cycling Services

Cycling Services available at the Sports Science Institute provided by Science2Sport.


Bike fits are imperative for cyclists for both comfort and performance. Select from our various bike fit options:

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Basic Bike Fit (R920)

Individual interviews to generate a highly accurate predicted fitting report, the cyclist will then be assessed on the bike using a 6-point optimisation process.

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Professional Fit (R2995)

Whole body 3D kinematics using proprietary ErgoFit and STT technology to assess joint angles, stability and overall position.

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Medical Fit (R1600)

Injury assessment looking at unique intrinsic factors that may have contributed to the injury as well as prescribed exercises and stretching required. A comprehensive evaluation of bike fit using principles incorporated in the Professional Fit. These assessments are only performed by Professor Swart and Dr David de Klerk.

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Advanced ErgoFit (R1600)

This fitting includes all aspects of the Basic ErgoFiT as well as other relevant assessments and saddle pressure mapping.


We offer the following cycling specific testing and assessments:
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V02 Max Test (R1600)

The V02 Max Test tests maximal oxygen uptake (VO2 MAX), peak power output (PPO) and metabolic thresholds.

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FatMax Test (R1600)

The FatMax Test determines an intensity range or zone where fat oxidation rates are maximal..

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Lactate Accumulation Test (R1600)

The Lactate Accumulation test determines the intensity where lactate has increased to a level greater than baseline, but can still be maintained for prolonged durations.

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Complete Metabolic Profiling Assessment (R1600)

The complete metabolic profiling assessment is a combined FatMax and Lactate Accumulation Assessment (LAA).