Are you looking to enhance your running, improve your strength, or to exercise in a group for motivation?
Whatever your wellness and fitness goals, we have a variety of solutions for you.


Track, Functional Fitness and Strong-2-Run. This 4-star evening series is the perfect...

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Whether your goal is to shape up, take part in a sporting event, get stronger and bigger or...

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Personal Fitness Training

Achieve your health and  fitness goals with our personal fitness training. Receive a...

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Group Training – Boot Camp

Love training outdoors and looking for a bit of challenge while exercising with a bunch of cool...

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  • Need some help to figure out what programme would work best for you?

Other Wellness & Sports Performance Programmes

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We offer a variety of customised membership options to suit your individual needs.

Gym Membership

Become part of the SSISA family and enjoy full use of our facilities in the Wellness and Fitness Centre all year round. Who knows – you may find yourself exercising next to national sports heroes and Olympic medalists.

Full Access

6 and 12 month membership options

Individualised assessment and training programme

From R699 p/m

Family Membership

There’s no better way than getting fit together and what’s better than training with your closest loved ones. We offer discounted rates when you join our Wellness and Fitness Centre with one or more of your family members.

Full Access

6 and 12 month
membership options

Individualised assessment and training programme for each family member

From R1068 p/m

Varsity Vibe Student Membership

What student doesn’t love a student rate? We have joined forces with Varsity Vibe to offer all students a membership deal of the year! If you are a UCT student, or a student from another tertiary institution, this membership is definitely for you.

Full Access

12 month
membership options

Individualised assessment and training programme

From R490 p/m

Sports Club

If you belong to one of the selected sports clubs in the greater Cape Town area, you may qualify for a discounted rate on a membership to our  Fitness Centre.

Full Access

6 and 12 month
membership options

Individualised assessment and training programme

From R543 p/m

Senior Citizen Membership

The health benefits of staying physically active become even more significant as you get older, and at the SSISA Fitness Centre, we provide you with a safe, non-threatening environment in which you can achieve your goals.

Full Access

6 and 12 month
membership options

Individualised assessment and training programme

From R567 p/m


The SSISA Platinum membership is aimed at active members, as well as recreational and serious athletes, who already have established routines and want to maximise their training options and add variety to their workouts.

Full Access to RIPT, Endurance Studio, HPC Gym & Fitness Centre & other benefits

12 month membership

Individualised assessment and training programme

from R899 p/m


Even highly motivated professional athletes can tire of their training routine, which is why the Fitness Centre offers a variety of group sessions held under the watchful eye of a qualified trainer – at no extra cost.


  • Aerobics

    A fun cardiovascular class that alternates high and low intensity routines.

  • Aqua Classes

    If you enjoy being in the water, then you’ll love being put through these aerobic paces.

  • Tone & Shape

    Enjoy a full-body workout with a strong focus on calisthenics and stretching exercises.

  • Hydrocise

    A group session in the pool, hydrocise is an ideal class in which you can target your individual needs.

  • Instructor's Choice

    Each class is different, each class exciting. Get a varied cardiovascular and toning workout from top to toe.

  • Keep Fit

    A cardiovascular and strength training class specifically designed to increase fitness levels.

  • Pezzi Ball

    Master the motion and improve core stability and abdominal strength.

  • Pilates

    Follow a series of movements that target the key stabiliser muscles that are essential for strength, core stability and a healthy posture.

  • Step Classes

    Rise to the challenge. This energetic class packs an intense aerobic workout.

  • SSISumba

    Move to the Latin beat in an excitingdance-based classwhich gives you a total body workout.

  • Power Run

    Join our 4-week programme designed for runners wanting to learn the correct strength training techniques, improve their performance and prevent injury.

  • Tone & Walk

    Enjoy a variety of toning and conditioning exercises combined with cardiovascular exercise.

  • Track Class

    Get ready to sweat. Track class is a fun and demanding workout on the indoor running track. Ideal for the fitter member.


Yes, we have floor supervisors on duty from the time the gym opens to the time it closes. They are also qualified and are capable of making sure that you, the member, enjoy the facility.

There are a few rules that members need to be aware of to provide both yourself and the other members with the best training experience.

Carrying a gym towel with you during your exercise session, wearing suitable training specific sneakers and replacing of equipment after use are non-negotiables. These particular rules are implemented for safety and hygiene purposes.

The only classes which you are required to book in advance for are the spinning, yoga and pilates classes. This is essential as we have limited space in our studios. Booking of these classes can be done either at the gym reception, or online through the SSISA App (downloadable from the Apple Store or Google Play) or by following this link: The other classes that we offer do not require bookings at all.

Upon joining SSISA’s Fitness Centre, your sales consultant will book an assessment slot for you with one of our Biokineticists. This assessment is necessary in order for us to establish a fitness baseline for you. This assessment includes a very thorough battery of tests. The outcome of your assessment allows the Biokineticist to construct a personalised training programme that is tailored to your needs. Following your assessment, your Biokineticist will book you in for a consultation where you will be taken through your personalised training programme. This is to ensure that you feel comfortable exercising in the gym facility on your own.


Open 7 days a week, our spacious and inviting gym is equipped with modern training equipment and a sparkling 25m swimming pool. Our 140m indoor tartan track is the pride of our centre and it hosts a variety of awesome group exercise classes available to members.

Operating Hours

  • Monday to Friday 05:30 - 21:00
  • Saturdays 06:30 - 19:00
  • Rugby Fridays 05:30 - 17:00
  • Rugby Saturdays 06:30 - 12:30
  • Sundays 08:00 - 12:30 & 16:00 - 19:00
  • Public Holidays 06:30 - 12:30 & 16:00 - 19:00

Crèche Hours

  • Monday to Thursday 08:30 - 19:30
  • Friday 08:30 - 16:00
  • Saturdays 08:30 - 12:30
  • Sundays and Public Holidays Closed


Boundary Road
Newlands, Cape Town
South Africa

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