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Consumer Solutions through SSISA Insights

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Consumer Solutions

We don’t just collect data; we transform it into actionable gold for businesses, sport federations, fitness institutions, and health/wellness organisations. Our Group for Research Implementation and Translation (GRIT) is positioned to assist your company by diving into sports science and health research, extracting practical recommendations that drive results for the consumer.



The Sports Science Institute of South Africa

welcomes your company to collaborate, partner, and work together, as we create product-specific and consumer-centric insights.

Informed Choice-1

Informed Choice

These are practical recommendations informing the "to-do's" for consumer decision-making ability drawn from academically published research findings on specific products/services.

With Informed Choice, consumers can make speedy decisions about a product or service. This helps the prospective company to provide actionable insights to guide their customer.

By acting on insights, companies can streamline product marketing and enhance efficiency by keeping the consumer’s “Informed Choices” in mind.

Companies with insights about their products/services can stay ahead of the competition because their customers are provided with easy access to Informed Choice insights

Product Brief-1

Product Brief

A deeper dive into stating the facts. A Product Brief serves as a valuable tool for retailers/businesses, providing concise and comprehensive information about products/services

The deeper dive into product or service aspects requiring larger scientific evidence as published in peer-reviewed academic works.

Briefs, Blogposts, and other media-related assets can provide up-to-date evidence-based insights to promote faster application in healthcare and the market.

By sharing published findings openly, we are able to raise awareness and drive positive change among consumers, the market, and more...

Product Validation-1

Product Validation

Quality matters, and SSISA’s insights are top-tier. Our rigorous research methodologies undergo scrutiny from the best minds in the field. Insights are provided by industry experts.

Offering your organization the validation for insights that require credibility and the backing of published research -  for public dissemination.

SSISA can put your product/service to the test, to verify or validate marketed claims for businesses.

Validity works may assist with idea generation for further product development and growth of corporate partnerships.

Product Development-1

Product Development

Expert guidance, market analysis, innovation strategies and resource optimization for consumer-centric solutions. Product Development utilizes sustainability practices and continuous support for product innovation. Performed in collaboration with UCT.

Product Development Solutions drive innovation and problem-solving. New perspectives contribute to fresh ideas and approaches to consumer-related challenges.

Understanding the way products and services work is through unpacking and repacking. Instead of trial and error, businesses can draw from these insights to find efficient solutions for customers.

A company that ensures their products and services put through rigorous testing, can ensure that the product is developed for enhanced consumer confidence and purchase ability in the market. This builds organizational resilience through continuous learning and adaptation.

Clinical Research-1

Clinical Research

UCT Research Centre for Health through Physical Activity, Lifestyle and Sport (HPALS) conducts ethically cleared human-level research in Physical Activity, Sleep Science, Nutrition, Biomechanics, Biokinetics, Health Research and Wellbeing through the UCT Faculty of Health Sciences.

New research idea/topic/investigation proposed by Company. These are research topics that are longer in length, requiring Academic support and expertise.

Larger research projects involving human participants will require ethical clearance


  1. Preparing Research Protocol, Study Design and Invoicing for HREC Ethical Clearance application
  2. Submit Proposal to the UCT Faculty of Health Science for Ethical Clearance.
  3. Await feedback. This process will cost the company ±R30000.

Investigation into research topic begins, with support from UCT HPALS and SSISA GRIT members.

Clinical and Health Science Research publications into peer-reviewed journals


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