Chris Delpierre Podiatry provides podiatric care of the highest possible standard to all members of the community as well as elite level athletes. Treatments range from general and diabetic foot care and orthotic therapy, to fine tuning the sports shoe of a professional sportsperson.

The foot is an incredibly complex part of the body and the range of treatments available reflects this complexity. The treatments offered by Chris Delpierre Podiatry can vary from routine maintenance of a chronic condition to fine tuning the sports shoe of a professional sportsperson. Treatments include:

  • General Foot Care:

    The foot is subjected to a lifetime of abuse. Modern footwear, the surfaces we walk on and the nature of our lifestyle means that for many people, the foot requires general routine care in order for it to continue providing pain-free and efficient service.

  • Diabetic Foot Care:

    Diabetes is a chronic condition that can have dire consequences for the foot. We provide foot screening of the highest possible standard to identify potential problems before they occur. We are also part of a network of specialists dealing with more complex problems such as advanced wound care.

  • Orthotic Therapy:

    Treating the foot and the effect that the foot has on the rest of the body (using prescription insoles) is an important part of our practice. We use the latest diagnostic equipment, such as RS Footscan and digital video gait analysis to diagnose and treat lower limb problems. A wide range of in-shoe devices are made in our laboratory, which range from a casted, full length orthotic to a shoe or sandal modification.

  • Running:

    We’re passionate about all things running, be it the act of running, running shoes or running-related injuries. Chris has completed numerous long distance events, including the Comrades and Two Oceans Ultra marathons. He also works with runners of all abilities to optimise performance and prevent injury through shoe advice and insole modification.


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