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Enhancing Lives Through Science  

We’re very passionate about what we do at the SSISA and are passionate about realising our mission statement. From the interns and students to the heads of departments and CEO we are all strongly unified in our efforts to conduct world class research and provide best-practice services that make a difference not only to many South African’s health and well-being but have a global impact too .

Specialised Health Services

Our Specialised health service providers are here for you
  • Sports Medicine
    Drs Jason Suter, Jeroen Swart and Leigh Gordon, are proud to...
  • Dietetics
    Shelly Meltzer & Associates offer a complete package of diet...
  • Biokinetics
    Whether you are suffering from a chronic disease or are a to...

Social Investment

The Sports Science Institute of South Africa strives to optimise the health and sporting performance of all South Africans. Our Social Investment unit aims to utilise company resources, the power of sport and our intellectual property to benefit and uplift communities. We are currently involved in five projects that positively impact the youth, our teachers and elders of the community; as well as those that guide and nurture rising talent.

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The Sub2-hr Marathon Project launches in Africa

The   Sports Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA) and the University of Cape Town’s (UCT) Division of Exercise Science and Sports Medicine (ESSM) will be hosting the official launch of the Sub2-hr Marathon Project in Africa, with its...

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SSISA Pulse: Prof Vicki Lambert

SSISA Pulse is a platform to share the stories of the people who make up our SSISA family. Every person has a unique story to tell; we have very different goals, but are united in why we are here – to achieve our personal best. This month's SSISA Pulse features a very...

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Do Women Need More Sleep Than Men?

There have been claims that women need more sleep due to their multi-tasking ability and intricate brains when compared to men. Is this fact or fiction? In this article, SSISA sleep scientist, Paula Pienaar, clarifies what science says about women and sleep. Women and...

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The Role of Dads in Promoting Healthy Behaviours

When we think about which parent is primarily responsible for ensuring that children eat their veggies, and who signs them up to multiple extra-mural sports – we usually think of Mom, right? It’s time for this stereotype to change. Our kids’ physical activity expert,...

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