Group Class Timetable

Even highly motivated professional athletes can tire of their training routine, which is why the Wellness and Fitness Centre offers a variety of group sessions held under the watchful eye of a qualified trainer – at no extra cost.

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A fun cardiovascular class that alternates high and low intensity routines.

Aqua Classes

If you enjoy being in the water, then you’ll love being put through these aerobic paces. View timetable

Tone and shape

Tone and shape. Enjoy an all over body workout with a strong focus on calisthenics and stretching exercises.


Based on the principles of boxing, this is a high energy, high intensity cardiovascular class that’s high on fun.


A group session in the pool, hydrocise is an ideal class in which you can target your individual needs.

Instructor’s Choice

Each class is different, each class exciting. Get a varied cardiovascular and toning workout from top to toe.

Keep Fit

A cardiovascular and strength training class specifically designed to increase fitness levels.

Pezzi Ball

Master the motion and improve core stability and abdominal strength.


Follow a series of movements that target the key stabiliser muscles that are essential for strength, core stability and a healthy posture.

Step Classes

Rise to the challenge. This energetic class packs an intense aerobic workout.


Move to the Latin beat in an exciting dance-based class which gives you a total body workout.


Track, Functional Fitness and Strong-2-Run – this 4-star evening series is the perfect combination for building pure strength and increasing stamina to take your running – or simply fitness- to the next level!


Tone and Walk

Enjoy a variety of toning and conditioning exercises combined with cardiovascular exercise.

Track Class

Get ready to sweat. Track class is a fun and demanding workout on the indoor running track. Ideal for the fitter member.


Relax while you work. This class places emphasis on muscular strength and endurance, correct body alignment as well as flexibility and relaxation.

Boot Camp

Boot Camp with SSISA is an action-packed 4-week fun-filled outdoor training programme, and is aimed at regular exercisers who may be bored with their usual routine and are looking for a new challenge.