Wellness & Fitness Centre

Motivating. Professional. Energising. Safe. Spacious. Inviting.

These are just some of the words our members have used to describe the SSISA Wellness and Fitness Centre and their experiences with us over the past year. Their loyalty over the past 20 years has inspired us to continually strive to bring our members a more personal experience and to ensure that their expectations of us are not only met, but exceeded. This loyalty is only rivaled by that of our staff, many of whom have been at SSISA since the first brick was laid. They are all experts in their fields, but what sets them apart is their ability to connect with each individual they engage with and to really understand what it is that each person wants to achieve.

We are often asked by our competitors how we manage to maintain our incredible membership retention rate, especially during tough economic times – the answer is a simple one, but isn’t something that can be bought or taught: We LOVE making you MOVE!