SSISA Online Waiver

By registering and attending any SSISA Online Classes, I hereby agree to the following terms:


  1. I have been informed about the procedures of the online and remote physical training sessions and understand what I will be required to do.
  2. I understand that I will be participating in physical exercise some of which is at different levels of intensity. I understand that there is always the risk of injury associated with exercise.
  3. I understand that I can withdraw my consent, freely and without prejudice, at any time, terminating the physical training.
  4. I will tell the personnel giving the physical training online or completing the remote training program about any illness or physical defect I have that may contribute to the level of risk.
    1. Should this change at any stage during my online and/or remote training ‘subscription’ with SSISA, I will advise the SSISA or the personnel responsible for my remote program and online sessions. I acknowledge this is solely my responsibility.
  5. I understand my rights to my confidentially and right to privacy will be assured.
  6. I release the training personnel from any liability for any injury or illness that I may suffer while participating in the online and remote physical training, or subsequently occurring in connection with the physical training, or that is to any extent contributed to by it.
  7. Despite the training session/s being conducted online or remotely, I accept however that the training personnel will take every precaution to ensure that no incidents will occur.
  8. I have been reminded that training away/outside of the SSISA means that SSISA personnel cannot administer first aid or emergency medical assistance should it be necessary.
  9. I agree to advise the training personnel before and/or during any session and not to participate in any online training or remote training program if I am sick and/or injured. I acknowledge this is solely my responsibility.