SSISA COVID-19 Staff Portal

Dear SSISA Staff member:

This SSISA COVID-19 staff portal is designed to keep you up to date with all relevant documents, policies and procedures as we navigate through these unprecedented times. This page is intended to act as a library of information and is here to assist as an online portal so you can access information from a central location.

The following documents have already been circulated to staff. You can now access them by clicking on the hyperlink:


    1. COVID-19 Policy Document – signed by SSISA CEO
    2. COVID-19 Compliance Officer Appointment
    3. COVID-19 Compliance Manager Appointment
    4. COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedure (updated: 29.06.2020)
    5. COVID-19 Awareness, Training and Induction Guide
    6. COVID-19 Medical Screening Protocol
    7. COVID-19 Phased Return vs Lockdown Level 
    8. COVID-19 Response to Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19 Case at SSISA
    9. COVID-19 Suspected Positive Case Response Checklist
    10. COVID-19 Easy to follow infographic response to suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case at SSISA
    11. COVID-19 Staff Contact Tracer
    12. COVID-19 FAQ’s for Employees
    13. How to accurately wear your fabric face mask (taken from WHO website)
    14. How to appropriately wash your hands to limit the spread of COVID-19 (taken from Discovery Health website)
    15. Why social distancing is our best tool to tackle COVID-19 (taken from The Conversation website)
    16. UIF-COVID19-TERS Portal

View our return to SSISA video HERE, which applies to all staff members of SSISA.

As an organisation we will continue to keep all staff members updated should any current policies change or new policies be implemented. Please ensure you are familiar with the above mentioned documentation but if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your line manager or email

Take care and stay safe

SSISA Staff Interest Committee


Visit for all the latest updates on coronavirus in South Africa.