Se7en’s Blog: Where I Am At Right Now…

Se7en’s Blog: Where I Am At Right Now…

My Current Goal

My illusive goal is to run 5km all the way without stopping… and I am so close. In fact I have a feeling I could probably just go out and do it, I just have to believe it!!! At the end of last year, and after almost a year of Park Running I was still walking a lot of our route and more importantly I really wasn’t loving it. So at the beginning of this year I took myself in hand and found an online programme… to run 5km. I stuck to it… and at the start where you have to run for a minute and then walk 5 minutes, it really felt like the end of times (!). To begin with, it felt ridiculously, impossibly difficult, but weeks later and suddenly, I can comfortably run for twenty minutes at a time. In fact, it has become more comfortable to just keep running, rather than stopping for recovery walks along the way.

What’s Working Well Right Now?

I am just going to whisper this… running has become so much fun. If you had asked me six months ago if running was fun, I would have smiled politely and thought… “Are you insane?” I used to look at folk running along the sidewalk and feel so sorry for them. Those poor people, that must just be the most awful experience. For at least my first 45 ParkRuns running was pretty awful. In fact, it was only lovely when it was over, but now that I am starting to be able to run… suddenly an evening run along the beach is nice, even while I am actually doing it, and if you add one or two hills into it… well I kind of like the challenge. Who am I even? Is this the same person who could not run around the gym track a year ago… the same person who couldn’t actually do the fitness test a year ago. It is amazing how one day at a time adds up to something.


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A Sweet Victory

I ran 95% of the 5.6 km Fun Run for the Two Oceans Marathon and I LOVED it. I have finally been a tiny part of The Most Beautiful Race and I am thrilled about it, it is a crazy life-long dream come true. This year, from the get go I decided that I would just embrace new things… some things are going to work and some things aren’t, but I am going to try them anyway. So when my friends at Sport Science asked if I would like to run the 5.6km Fun Run I decided to dive in. The worst that could happen is that for some reason I wouldn’t be able go the whole distance. Turns out I loved it… LOVED IT… loved the crowds, loved the vibes and just totally loved it. I ran far better than I usually do, probably because I didn’t have all my usual landmarks that guide my “I always take a walk here” habits. I just kept running and running… and honestly it was all over far too soon.



My Latest Discovery

in fact, this is my top tip for the year: Try New Things Already. I would never have thought of entering, simply because I haven’t actually run an entire 5km yet. We live in a world where you have to be accomplished at something before you try it… this is silly really. Turns out you don’t have to be able to either run like a champion or run all the way to enter a race. Enter already, you may discover that you love it… and because of thousands of people at the start, you will still walk for what feels like miles… so it doesn’t really matter if you can or you can’t run 5km. In fact, heaps of people are walk/run/walking the entire way along, and they are all athletes. The point is they are out there doing it, and chances are you can too. The reality is there will always be faster runners and slower runners, don’t worry about them at all. Honestly, I am the slowest runner on earth, it’s not about how fast I am (luckily), the fact is I am moving… and I am actually enjoying it.



What’s Not Working?

A rookie mistake, that I am fairly annoyed about. Wearing worn out shoes and running three evenings a week on top of your regular gym work, is going to leave you a little bit injured. I kept putting off getting new shoes as I replaced the kids’ shoes, that always seem to be in a worse state than mine. And now I have a slightly niggling shin splint. Nobody likes an injury and just when I feel like I am ready to fly. I know not to bother trying to run through this. So, I splurged on new shoes and there was an immediate improvement and now I am trying to find ways to exercise around it. Really this requires a lot of patience… I am not the master of rest, or patience by any means.



And What About Gym

You can find me in the gym four mornings a week… the earlier the better, that way I get my gym in before my kids wake up… they are none the wiser and I am good to go for the day. I do two classes a week, and two sessions on my own… where I usually do the weights around the super circuits and I have been spending quite a bit of time on the stair machines as well. Weird but true, a year ago I could not even do thirty seconds on the stair machine. Times change. Can I just say, I love the classes… I love being pushed in ways that I never push myself on my own. I love that we cover everything and so all those exercises that I avoid, hello… non-existent core muscles, get a work out. That being said, in the spirit of my niggling injury and trying new things, I was thinking of swimming, I love swimming… but the pool looks a little intimidating. I can’t be the only person at gym that is a little nervous about heading into the blue. Let’s just say, I am never sure if there is a squad swimming or a class in progress… I am never sure when a lane is free or not… clearly I have a lot to learn about how the pool actually works in terms of availability. My next challenge is to check out the schedule and see when the pool is free enough for an unassuming athlete to take the leap and swim a couple of laps.


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Onwards and Upwards

I am hoping by the next blog post that I write over here that I will have celebrated my 50th ParkRun, conquered 5km of running all the way, and looking for a new goal… maybe I should be over ambitious and try for a 10km by the end of the year or maybe I should stick to being a little more realistic and just keep going… one day at a time.



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