Se7en Begins Week 3 of our Healthy Weight Programme

Se7en Begins Week 3 of our Healthy Weight Programme

So we are entering week three of the eight week Healthy Weight Programme at The Sports Science Institute of South Africa… and for most of us in our group it is the fourth week of exercise, because the first week was for assessments and a trial week, where folk could decide if they wanted “in” on the programme or not. In fact, in other ways it was a trial as well, in the sense that getting up really early in the morning is a fair trial and while it is nowhere near being a habit, I already find myself waking up naturally early… and on gym days actually eager to get up and get to gym.

I am really enjoying the workouts… surprising as that may seem. I’m guessing the lurking athlete of years gone by is still lurking within me. I want to row harder and I want to plank for longer and really want to achieve my goal to move more. I love that we learn new exercises and new ways to move every single gym session. Our biokineticist has a good idea, perhaps by the look on our faces (!), just how much more we can do and how much harder to push us. A large part of his job is figuring out when we need to do more and when we need help. Astonishingly, I haven’t felt stiff at all, but I have been tired… I can definitely tell when I go for a hike with the kids if it was a workout day or not, and so can they.

I have to say there was a definite upswing in effort towards the end of last week… in fact it was a lot tougher than I thought it would be. That might be because I was taking part in the sleep study, or the alarming “lack of sleep study” and I am eager to see if I cope better this week, with a whole lot more sleep. Anyway, the sleep study definitely deserves it’s own post; it is fascinating how much of our lives and our health depends on sleep. Not to mention that it turns out gym is dreadfully hard to get up for on nearly no sleep… and I am finally forced to sleep better. This is a real life changer for me, and something that I will hopefully be carrying on with me long after the eight weeks is up.


The workouts have a different focus every time and I love that we are learning new skills and how to move properly. There are so many things that I have never known how to do at gym on my own, I am going to be able to do properly by the end of this programme. At this stage, after three weeks of working out, I am surprised at how much more I can do than I ever thought I could. I have to admit though, that there are some things I am absolutely convinced that I cannot do, just can not do at all… but everyone else is doing it, so I follow along. And very often I am amazed, I can do so much more than I think I can.

This week we get to choose an appointment with either the dietitian or the sport psychologist. And I am feeling positive, I am learning masses and moving… and even sleeping better. But I never get through a workout with out thinking more than once, I am sure I can’t do that, and I am never ever going to last three minutes, let alone one. I always do get through it, just some things are a lot harder than others. I think at this stage my head space needs to catch up with what I am actually able to do. In my world outside the gym I don’t have a biokineticist saying well done, keep at it… I need to build those tools for myself. So I am electing to visit the sport psychologist and talk about changing that negative song in my head, the one that thinks I will never ever be able to do things, even as I do them, into something just a little more positive.


One thing I love apart from the fact that everyone who works at The Sport Science Institute always smiles and says hello, is that out in the world I would never be considered an athlete, but within the gym and on the Healthy Weight Programme my efforts are taken seriously. It is an effort to get up and get moving after what seems like an eternity, it can be done but it is hard work. I am never going to be an elite athlete but years and years of bad habits are being chipped away and I am very glad that I have a team to help me get through the programme.

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