Designed for runners by runners who are scientists

Our Strong2Run programme is a one-of-a-kind programme for runners looking to decrease the risk of injury and gain improved conditioning to better handle the demands of road and trail running.

Through Strong2Run you will:

  • Learn the best cross training and strengthening techniques.
  • Work out in a group setting with fellow runners.
  • Enjoy 8 expert-guided practical sessions with a Biokineticist.
  • Receive a strength training programme to use after completing Strong2Run.
  • Receive weekly newsletters with relevant tips and articles.

The Strong2Run programme is free for members of the SSISA’s Wellness & Fitness Centre and is run every 4 weeks. For non-SSISA members wishing to join the Fitness Centre to participate in Strong2Run, please enquire by submitting your details in the adjacent box, and we will get back to you with short and long-term membership options.

See programme dates below:

  • 14 August 2017
  • 18 September 2017
  • 16 October 2017
  • 13 November

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Will I see an improvement in my times after doing Strong2Run?

Strong2Run was designed to strengthen and educate runners. Although Strong2Run can not guarantee better times, the programme has helped many runners achieve personal best times if they adhere to the course and the strength training plan afterwards. Strength training does take several weeks in which to take effect, but these effects will allow you to run stronger, harder and faster.

How good a runner do I need to be to join Strong2Run?

Strong2Run has no entry criteria. Strong2Run is for every runner who wishes to stay injury free and improve performance. Since its inception Strong2Run has helped runners from complete novices to ultra-endurance and extreme stage racers.

I’ve never been a member of a gym before – will I be able to do the exercises?

Strong2Run is here to help you get comfortable and confident in the gym and with strength exercises. Staff will guide you as you learn how to do exercises, why you do them and how to supplement them in to your running programme. Many of the exercises do not require complicated gym equipment and could be done at your running club or at home.

I’ve done a few Comrades and consider myself quite a good runner – what benefits will I get from doing the programme?

The benefits of strength training in endurance and ultra-endurance is well documented. The most important benefits are staying injury free, improved performance and confidence. The more difficult part is where and when do runners put strengthening into their programmes. Strong2Run aims at educating even the most experienced runners with novel training techniques to get the best out of their running.

Strong2Run Testimonials

The SSISA Strong2Run programme is highly practical, simple, yet scientifically sound, specifically targeted to the needs of runners and also very importantly teaches you how to get maximum gains without spending hours in the gym.  What I love the most about the programme though is the fun of working out with other like-minded people. It feels more like a group run than a gym session (and that is how us runners like to roll).”

Coach Kathleen Shuttleworth


The Strong2Run course is for all runners, no matter how experienced or novice, trail or tar, all will benefit from it. It is run in a fun, non threatening way. Great fun is had by all and the simple, yet important aspects of cross training and other training techniques and exercises can only be of benefit. Give your running a boost and reduce your chances of injury while having great fun. Join the next Strong2Run course, it will be well worth the effort and you will be a better and smarter runner.

Conrad Greer