RIPT - Researched Innovative Performance Training from R650


RIPT is a Sports Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA) research-based group-training programme. The performance training uses a combination of several modalities (Olympic lift, strongman, functional exercises, body weight and cardiovascular exercises, high intensity circuits type movements) to improve your fitness, functionality and strength in a safe environment, while providing ongoing assessment and feedback.



  • All instructors are biokineticists
  • Structured and varied environment to allow for safe advanced high intensity group training
  • Suitable for both men and women (minimum age 15)
  • Classes are designed to cater for varying levels of fitness and technical ability
  • Membership entitles you to 3 classes per week (06:30 and 18:30)
  • Follows a periodised training programme with on-going assessments and feedback


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When, where and how?

  For more information contact 021 659 5600

Duration Cost Payment option
One month R850 Cash
Three months R700 Cash or Debit Order
Six months R650 Cash or Debit Order


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RIPT Frequently Asked Questions

RIPT Methodology

Why has the SSISA chosen to create and offer this type of training (methodology/class)

Strength training and general conditioning can be classified or described in relation to the type of equipment used or the goal being pursued.

Strength training can either be performed using  bodyweight exercises or a variety of  pieces of equipment (bands, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, machines, etc). How the equipment or modalities are used, for example the number of repetitions, percentage of maximum weight lifted, speed of movement, intervals, etc. induces various physiological adaptations in the body.

Strength training has become more popular as people have realised its importance in retaining functional strength, increasing one’s lean body mass and promoting weight loss, but also for general conditioning and sports performance.

In the past decade – classes that provide high intensity (high tempo), interval type training have become very popular, as they are effective in aiding weight loss and improving cardiovascular conditioning with short workouts. If you add strength training to interval training you get the best of both worlds (cardiovascular fitness, weight loss, increased muscle mass and potentially improved sports performance).

However, a combination of strength training and high intensity interval training can create a high-risk training environment in that  you might be using weights whilst also pushing yourself to fatigue. This risk can be mitigated by correctly structuring sessions and progressions based on participants abilities and fitness levels using recognised scientific principles.

The SSISA’s RIPT classes provide scientifically designed high intensity interval type strength training in a safe environment allowing you to get all the benefits without undue risk of injury.

Who is the RIPT for?

This programme is for regular exercisers looking for a new challenge to move their fitness to the next level.

To join RIPT, you should:
  • Be injury- free and have no major health risks.
  • Currently be doing cardiovascular and strength training sessions or a combination of these. Each class is divided into a beginner and advanced section. The screening process and assessment will allocate people to either of these groups.
  • Enjoy group training.
Do I qualify?
  • Contact us directly on 021 6595659 or
  • One of our consultants will send you a survey to establish if you qualify to join a class and what section of the class you will start in, our classes have a beginner and advanced section.
  • The findings of the pre participation screen will be confirmed in a fitness assessment and movement competency screen.
What happens if I don’t qualify immediately for the main classes?
  • If you don’t qualify for our main class we have the option of one-on-one familiarization sessions 
  • if you don’t qualify for our one-on-one familiarization sessions we will be able to offer you an alternative programme at SSISA
What can I expect if I sign up for the RIPT classes?
  • RIPT is a researched training programme that allows you to participate safely in high intensity strength and conditioning classes
  • 45-60 min class offering:
    • Warm up
      • Light aerobic activity
      • Self myofacial release
      • Movement preparation flows
    • Lifting preparation
      • Corrective exercises
      • Olympic lifts and other core movements
    • Daily training session
      • Circuit based time or repetition controlled exercises
    • Cool down
      • Static stretching
      • Foam rolling
What are the core/compound movements (main movements) used in these classes?
  • Back squat
  • Front squat
  • Dead lift
  • Push jerk
  • Power clean
How do classes cater for people of varying levels of ability and fitness?
  • Classes are structured in such a way that they make allowance for people of different technical ability and fitness levels.
  • An extensive screening process helps determines your initial category.
How many classes a week will I be able to attend?
  • 3 classes
  • 20 people per class (maximum)
  • Classes can be booked one week in advance
What does the class schedule look like?
Time Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
06h30 RIPT class   RIPT class   RIPT class    
18h30 RIPT class RIPT class   RIPT class


Steps to joining.
Step one: Contact the SSISA on 021 659 5659 or Sign up for a free introductory class One of our consultants will than send you a pre- participation competency and health screen to access if you qualify for the class. Step two: Choose a contract (1 to 12 months) Step three: Start attending regular classes 

RIPT Testimonials

Yes, it’s structured. (Here’s something I wrote about a typical RIPT class.) And yes, it’s varied. And yes, that’s a good thing. When I walk into a gym on my own, I have the same problem I’d imagine a lot of people have: I look around, pick a machine that nobody else is using, and muck around with that machine for 20 minutes. Then I klap a protein shake and go home, wondering why I’m not seeing the results, and wondering why I’m sore after my amazing workout. At RIPT, the structure makes sure you get a proper workout. The variety makes sure you work your whole body. The intensity makes sure you actually get results. And the group work gives you someone else to measure yourself by. (It’s also a lot less lonely and a lot more sociable when you have other human beings doing the same workout as you!) Mark van Dijk


RIPT helped me get fit and strong after coming back from an injury. Rob Henst