The Science of Physiotherapy

The Sports Science Physiotherapy Centre (SSPC) first opened its doors for business at the SSISA in August 2002. Its aim: to provide a holistic, comprehensive and scientific service to all professional, amateur and recreational athletes in all sporting codes, as well as all members of the public. Founded by Theo Calligeris and Matime Diale, what started out as a two-man practice called Calligeris & Diale Physiotherapists, it has since developed into an internationally recognised service delivery centre that was renamed the SSPC in 2006. The practice offers sports physiotherapy, post- and pre-operative orthopaedic rehabilitation, injury management planning in prevention and return to play (RTP) with an annual plan. SSPC also specialises in sales of a variety of braces and consumables for injury and performance, while massage therapy is offered through the Sports Science Massage Centre (SSMC). The SSPC has always upheld the highest standards in service delivery and is committed to efficacy and an evidence based, innovative approach to rehabilitation, manual therapy in sports physiotherapy.  

Services include:


  • Sports physiotherapy (physiotherapy for injuries and pain)
  • Exercise rehabilitation
  • Orthopaedic rehabilitation
  • Exercise programme prescriptions
  • Return to play protocols
  • Injury fitness tests
  • Grucox eccentric rehabilitation.

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