Kidz on the Move

Kidz on the Move aims to get Cape Town children active. The programme covers all aspects of fitness and is perfectly suited for children who need to get fit or stay fit whilst having fun, making friends and building confidence. Kidz on the Move is an evidence-based programme coordinated by a team of specialists in children’s physical activity, including bio- and kinderkineticists. During the group classes, kids have an opportunity to participate in age-appropriate activities that help improve their gross motor skills, coordination, strength and fitness. Individual sessions are also available as an option.

4-6 year olds: 2-3pm, Monday – Thursday
7-12 year olds: 4-5pm, Monday – Thursday


Kidz on the Move Holiday Clubs
These are run regularly throughout the year, over 4 mornings during the school holidays for kids 4-12 years old. These fun mornings are great for helping kids stay active during the holidays!

9am-12pm, Monday – Thursday on the following dates:
3-6 July
2-5 October
11-14 December


If your child is between the ages of 12-15 years, and is keen to get fitter and stronger, then Fit4Gym is the programme for them! Fit4Gym group sessions will provide a safe and fun environment to help your child develop the skills and confidence to be able to train independently, once they are old enough and feel ready to join the SSISA Fitness Centre. This evidence-based programme is co-ordinated by a team of specialists in children’s physical activity, including bio- and kinderkineticists.
4-5pm, Monday – Thursday

Class timetable

Programme Age Days Time
Kidz on the Move 4-6 years Monday – Thursday 2-3pm
Kidz on the Move 7-12 years Monday – Thursday 4-5pm
Fit4Gym 12-15 years Monday – Thursday 4-5pm



1-ON-1 Assessment
Would you like to know where your child stands in terms of physical development and movement? We are now offering scientifically-based assessments for children 4-10 years of age. This assessment includes a comprehensive test of gross motor skills; height, weight and waist circumference; and tests of fitness, strength and balance. The assessment includes a printed report, suggestions of activities to do at home, plus a 30-minute feedback session with a parent/s. Assessments for older children can be arranged on request.


Fitness Centre readiness assessment
Our policy is that individuals training unsupervised in the SSISA Fitness Centre need to be 15 years and older. However, if they are are younger than 15 and would like to train in the Fitness Centre, they first need to undergo a readiness assessment. If the results of this assessment show that they are able to train independently, then they are good to go. If not, why not sign them up for Fit4Gym, which is designed to help them develop the skills and confidence to get them to this point?


Group-based assessment
This is similar to the 1-on-1 assessment done at SSISA, but instead is done in groups of ±20 children, 4-10 years old. The assessment is done at another venue, e.g. your school, and each child will receive an individual, printed report of their results.


School talks
Depending on the needs of your school, we can send a specialist in children’s physical activity come and speak to parents, teachers or even learners about the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle. The talk would be tailored to the audience and the time available, e.g. parent meeting, Life Orientation lesson, or slot in a staff training workshop.


Teacher training
We are able to offer training for preschool and Grade R teachers in activities for 3-6 year olds that help to get kids moving with purpose. The training would take place once per term, for ±4 hours per session, and can take place at a school or another available venue.


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KIDZ on the Move Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of exercise will my child be doing?
All aspects of fitness are covered in the programme – i.e. flexibility, balancing exercises, gross motor skill development, cardiovascular training and resistance training.
What if my child is the most unfit in the class?
We are aware that children vary enormously in terms of both skill and fitness levels. Our instructor is able to adapt exercises in such a way that all the children will be adequately challenged, without becoming despondent. Your child will be encouraged and motivated to do better, and by using regular assessments, we are able to clearly illustrate the progress they are making.
Is resistance training safe for my child – won’t it stunt his/her growth?
There is no scientific evidence indicating that resistance training has an adverse effect on linear growth during childhood or adolescence or that it will reduce eventual height in adulthood. Children actually have a lower risk of joint sprains and muscle strains caused by resistance training than adults. It is very important to ensure that their initial postural alignment is correct, and their class instructor pays special attention to that during the session. Recent scientific research supports supervised resistance training in children.
My child needs to lose weight – will this programme help?
The programme will help your child change their lifestyle by becoming more active, reducing time spent being sedentary, watching tv, playing on their cell phones, etc. If weight loss is a priority, we recommend you consult our dietitian and if necessary our psychologist so that you approach the issue of weight loss sensitively.