Healthy Weight Programme

A Fitter, Healthier, Happier You!

The Healthy Weight Programme is an 8-week, scientific, lifestyle intervention programme.

Ranging from biokineticists to dietitians, our team of professionals offer a detailed and holistic approach in empowering you through exercise, dietary and mental wellness education – this allows you to develop the skills needed to manage your weight, not just for the short-term, but for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!

If you are presently inactive, new to exercise or you just need some motivation to get going, then our programme is ideal for you!



  • A comprehensive assessment and goal setting session,
  • a dietary consultation,
  • a mental wellness consultation,
  • 23 Supervised, group-based exercise sessions and, the exclusive attendance to our “Wellness workshop”.

To find out more about the programme, upcoming dates and class times, please fill in your details in the adjacent form, and we will get right back to you. Your journey to health and happiness starts now.

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Healthy Weight Dates & Venue


  • 7 August 2017
  • 16 October 2017






Sports Science Institute of South Africa, Boundary Road,Newlands Cape Town

Healthy Weight Beginner (HWB) - Programme Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight can I lose on the programme?

The rate of weight loss is highly individualised, but we aim for a loss of 0.5kg-1.5kg  per week. The current research shows this range to be safe, achievable and most importantly maintainable.

How long is the Healthy Weight Beginner’s Programme?

It’s 8 weeks in duration and runs periodically during the year.

Do I have access to the gym?

The Healthy Weight Beginners programme does not have access to the gym outside of the specific Healthy Weight classes. This is to ensure there is no overtraining that could lead to injuries and fatigue.

I have a few injuries -will I be able to do the programme?

The programme is supervised by biokineticists who will ensure that you are able to do safe and correct exercises tailored for you. It might be possible to work around your injuries and ensure that you still get fitter and healthier.

I’m not overweight, but I've never trained in a gym before. Is this programme suitable for me?

The programme is designed for lifestyle change, so we accept all individuals looking to improve their health. Prior to the programme starting, you will undergo a detailed screening and goal setting process. If we feel that there may be other options available that would be better suited to your needs, we will recommend accordingly.

Must I stick to the class time I signed up for?

As far as possible, we want you to stick to the time slot you signed up for. This encourages the development of a routine that helps with long-term behaviour change, as well as building a relationship with your instructor and your class, so that they can better assist you in achieving your healthy lifestyle goals.

Do I have to see the psychologist and/or dietitian?

You will see them for your initial assessment, but during the programme you can chose one or the other.

Healthy Weight Intermediate (HWI) - Programme Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to complete the HWB Programme to advance to the Intermediate Programme?

Yes, in the Beginners programme we teach you the fundamentals of all the different components of fitness – that is then used as the foundation for the Healthy Weight intermediate Programme.

How long is the Healthy Weight Intermediate Programme?

8 weeks – and you can repeat this programme

Do I have access to the gym?

Besides two Healthy Weight Intermediate classes per week, Intermediate members have full access to all the gym facilities, including group classes, studio classes, the indoor heated swimming pool etc.

Will I have the same instructor as I did during Healthy Weight Beginners?

Not usually. The aim of the Heathy Weight Intermediate Programme is to equip individuals with the ability and knowledge to be able to gym by themselves by the end of the 8-week course. One of the ways we do this, is by changing the instructor to create more independence and promote self-efficacy.

I’ve completed the 8-week Intermediate programme – now what?

Most of our members decide to join the gym, and usually continue training with 2 or 3 of the friends that they made on the programme. Regular personal training sessions with one of our biokineticists is also a popular option, as well as joining a group class that suits your schedule. For those who don’t quite feel ready to train on their own, or want to keep training with their “classmates”, there is also a HWI maintenance-option available.

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Healthy Weight Testimonials

I know. I seem quite self-aware surrounding this issue. I learned recently that my sub-concious mind creates ways and explanations to avoid making changes. Change is sometimes discomforting, but forward movement and inaction cannot co-exist. Middle age looms,and thoughts of health and longevity have made their way to the conscious brain. All of this exposition serves to explain how I currently find myself in week 4 of the “HEALTHY WEIGHT” programme offered by the Sports Science institute in Newlands, Cape Town. A combination of nutrition, group training and psychology helps us at Beginner level to understand why we have developed these bad habits around eating, like why I was able to go cold turkey with cigarettes over 4 years ago, but the thought of a custard donut or a prawn pizza turns me to drooling mush. The eating plan is designed to kickstart your metabolism, and doesn’t deny us carbs or fats, but offers a more balanced approach with a focus on smaller portions but with more meals than the popular 3 a day.

Keeno Lee Hector

Healthy Weight

“I’ve always hated my body,” says Mandy, so when she lost 11kg in 2009 while attending kickboxing classes with a friend, she felt motivated – especially when the compliments started rolling in. “It felt amazing!” One of her mom’s friends had achieved good results following the Sports Science Institute of South Africa’s (SSISA) Healthy Weight programme, so Mandy decided to sign up. Mandy started exercising three times a week, doing a mix of cardio and toning. “I ate more regularly and found that small changes, like cutting out margarine, can make a huge difference,” she says. Although it was tough in the beginning, she learnt how to make healthy food fun and training in a group spurred her on. Thanks to her new active lifestyle and healthy diet, she lost another 11kg over 16 weeks

Mandy Vollmer

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