Go-4-It with SSISA



Whether your goal is to shape up, take part in a sporting event, get stronger and bigger or get leaner, Go-4-It is designed to get you there. Through our holistic and scientific approach this personalised 8-week programme will give you the tools and support you need to accomplish your goal.


Go-4-It includes:

  • An initial screening, specific fitness testing & goal setting
  • A choice of dietary or psychology consultations.
  • 16 Training sessions with one of our biokineticist interns.
  • Full access to our Fitness centre for the duration of the 8-weeks
  • Re-assessment after the 8 weeks
  • An individualised training programme to use on completion of the programme

The only limits that exist are the ones in your own mind. We believe in you.

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Go-4-It Frequently Asked Questions

This programme looks intense – I think I’m too unfit!

Go-4-It is one of the most individualised fitness solutions we offer. It all starts with your assessment, where the programme manager (a biokineticist) assists you in setting goals and measures your current level of fitness and other health markers. The prescribed programme then takes into consideration all your results and of course the goal/s you are pursuing.

My goal is to lose weight - how much weight can I lose on Go-4-IT?

Weight loss is determined by a number of factors – so during the goal setting process the programme manager will assist you in setting realistic goals. Of course, adherence to an appropriate eating plan is crucial, as well as the frequency, intensity and duration of your exercise during the 8 weeks. There will also be a focus on fat loss and how to achieve this.

I am an elite athlete - would Go-4-It assist me in my particular sporting goals?

While Go-4-It will help you to improve your strength, fitness and general conditioning, we recommend that all athletes wanting to improve their sporting performance, contact our Sports Performance Centre. They will be able to provide you with a periodised programme, and exercises specific to your sport.

Do I get a programme once the 8 weeks are completed?

Yes, the complete 8-week programme is given to you on completion of the course for you to continue with. You will also be given advice on how to structure your training in order to prevent burnout or over-training.

I'm at another gym, can I still do the programme or do I need to be a member of SSISA?

Members on the Go-4-IT programme gain full access to the SSISA Wellness & Fitness Centre for the duration of their programme. If you want your programme to be designed for specific use in another facility (e.g. with a different equipment layout or no running track), you will need to mention this to the programme manager so that it can be taken into account.

Go-4-It Testimonials

I always felt that having a disability has limited me in pursuing sports, but my mind has changed from two things and that was my job, as I work for a disability organisation and my training at SSISA. I get to pursue my dreams of competing in sports and my Bio – Greg Hyson takes it on as though I can do anything we train for. the support I have received from Greg has been exceptional and I believe working with him I will continue to see improvements in my training and in reaching my goals and dreams. Having a personal trainer has changed “gym” into “fun”

Catherine van Staden


The programme has been absolutely fantastic for me. Over the course of it I have physically improved hugely, as well as mentally. The staff are extremely professional and friendly and I have enjoyed the experience so much. I am signing up for a second course.

Neil Lanham


I signed up for the program due an injury which made me unable to train and teach properly at the dance studio where I am an instructor.  I found that the Go-4-It program suited my needs 100% and I was placed with an awesome intern bio who understood my needs in getting fit and stronger to supplement my dance instruction and improve my lifestyle in general.  The program covers all the basics and gives one a good understanding of fitness, how to exercise correctly and improve your diet (with the help of the dietician).  I saw an improvement after the first couple of weeks and what makes it so great is that you don’t have to be a fitness junky to do this program – it is completely tailored to your specific needs even if you have never set foot inside a gym! I will definitely recommend this program to anyone and I am definitely signing up again! 

Louise Mostert