The Healthy Weight Programme is a 12-week structured, monitored and integrated weight-loss and lifestyle intervention programme.  Our team of health professionals, which include biokineticists, dietitians, a psychologist and sleep scientists will help to empower you through exercise, dietary advice, some sessions on mental wellness and optimising your sleep.



  • 3 x healthy weight group training exercise sessions per week.
  • Full access to the gym.
  • Full access to Fitness Centre classes.
  • Introduction into HIIT which can intensify weight-loss and the enjoyment of physical activity.
  • Access to a healthy weight case manager so that questions and concerns can be addressed.
  • Physical assessment with several parameters being measured and monitoring
  • Reassessment of physical parameters
  • Psychological consultation and talk. With the main focus on the longer term maintenance of healthy lifestyle changes, and on combatting self-sabotage.
  • Sleep consultation and talk. Expert sleep scientists apply the latest research to help with efficient and effective sleep.
  • Dietary assessment, meal plan and talk. Dieticians with vast experience can adjust and give advice for a wide range of different wants, needs, medical issues and ways of eating.
  • A coupon to be used at one of the dietary, sleep or psych service providers
  • Two seminars where all healthy weight members and their support network are invited to attend. Interactive seminar where solutions are sought after and direction s given.
  • Access to myfitnesspal and mywelness: Interactive way of logging food and meals. As well as feedback with respect to activity and steps.
  • Weekly newsletters, access to constant communication through mywellness.

The next program starts on 21 January 2019!!

Contact one of our consultants for all the details on email: or call 021 659 5600 or simply fill out the contact form and we will be in touch with you.





Let us give you a quick introduction to this amazing woman who calls herself “Se7en”.

Mother of 8 (yes, EIGHT) children, and avid blogger, we were thrilled to have Se7en become our Healthy Weight ambassador in March of 2017. A year ago, Se7en began a journey back to healthy living. She was tired of not being able to keep up with her kids, she was tired of eating all the wrong things to try and keep up with her kids, and she was just tired. Really tired.

“Motherhood can do that to you. I was faced with a decision to hide behind the fact that I was a busy mom of eight kids, and lose the chance to get moving again… or say, yes I can do this and step forward and sign up,” says Se7en. And so her journey with the SSISA Healthy Weight programme began, and she has achieved some amazing results!


  • 20 kg lighter
  • 20 minutes off her ParkRun time
  • Completed the 5.6km Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon Fun Run
  • Completed the Gun Run 10km
  • Training for the Two Oceans Half Marathon

“And I cannot tell you how many dress sizes smaller. More than all that, there is a spring in my step and a sparkle in my eye that I thought I had lost forever. It has totally been worth every single very early morning workout.

The one thing I have learnt from this year is: Don’t Ever Give Up on Yourself. My dreams have gotten bigger, my goals have stretched further. And if you think you can’t start moving – for whatever reason – chances are you can, and the sooner you start, the better”, says Se7en.


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