The best thing you could possibly do during this isolated period is work on your strength and conditioning to ensure a smooth transition back into your routine when you hit the road or trails again.


Cycling Strength is a science-based training programme designed to enhance the overall performance, strength and power output of novice or elite cyclists; while minimising the risk of injuries that are associated with the sport.


When signing up to this programme, you’ll be exposed to 10 weeks of 2 sessions per week, Mondays and Thursdays (to be done on your own time, in the comfort of your home), led by Warwick Cross and Rachel Johnstone, our Cycling Strength & Conditioning Biokineticists, through WhatsApp group training. You’ll receive a written programme followed by videos of each of the movements, guiding you through your workout as you would here at SSISA, this programme requires minimum equipment and incorporates common items found around your home (such as full water bottles, etc.) for resistance.


Each session is split into three main parts. The sessions starts with a guided dynamic warm up followed by specific and targeted exercises that prepare you for the movements to follow during the session. Once the warm-up is complete, the remainder of the class is divided into three exercise areas which focus on building strength, improving core and a high intensity work out or METCON. The session is then finished off with a cool down or guided mobility, which focuses on mobilising stiff areas such as the lower back and hips.


These sessions are periodised meaning that the difficulty of the exercise and the load progresses appropriately over the 10 week period.

Warwick and Rachel will be on the other end of your mobile device to support you through your home training regime.

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