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Date Published: 23 Aug 2018 Categories: News
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My Current Goal

I took the leap and entered a 10 km race. I know who am even? I had a look at the race calendar and there are three races in the next month or two that I would like to enter. I went for the one with the free t-shirt (of course!!!) and entered the Totalsports Women’s Race on Women’s Day next month. I entered online, and it is just like online shopping, a little click here and there and the next thing your phone goes ping and you have entered… no time to think about it. Boom!!! Entered!!! I could have entered the 5km, considering that a year ago I could hardly have walked that, but I think I can probably do 10 km’s at this stage. My plan has been to add an extra km to one of my evening runs each week… and I have made it past 8km, this week will be 9km. I am not breaking any speed records whatsoever… but I am doing it and running it and I am (just whispering), “Quite enjoying it.” So if you find yourself running the Totalsports’s Women’s Day race next month… look out for me and say hi!!!


What’s Working Right Now

At every single workshop Sport Science holds I have learnt something new and fabulous… but the recent workshop on Triathlons totally inspired me. I never ever thought for a second that I would mention triathlon and myself in the same blog post. Not that I can do an actual triathlon, that would be crazy, but I can workout like I am doing a triathlon. I am genuinely inspired. After months and months of putting off swimming, because of the whole “change room and the walk to the poolside” – yup that was what was stopping me, I have rediscovered swimming. I can jump in the pool and swim a km before my usual morning workout and I feel totally energised for the rest of the day. I can’t believe it myself… because hay…what exercise ever energises you? But swimming seems to put a spring in my step and I am totally loving it. Definitely worth waking up half an hour earlier for. And silly me for taking so long to get round to this.

se7en-18-Jul-18-tempImageForSave 10

A Sweet Victory and High Fives

I bought myself some leggings online a while ago, and they have been sitting in a drawer for weeks. I finally fit into them… I know it is the little things that bring you joy. After last month’s plateau on the scale, I was kind of losing hope. Seriously, I am still changing shape and even incremental changes to my workouts really do reflect in actual measurements. I guessing with consistently longer runs and swimming and just showing up everyday, the scale will eventually reflect all the efforts.

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And What About Gym?

Last week was open week at the gym, which means that anyone can visit the gym, even non-members, and enjoy a workout or two. So I brought my kids to gym… yup, got them to the gym for my 6:30 class and put them through their paces. I think it is great for my kids to know what I do at gym… that it isn’t some mystery place that I go to… and then return home from, in time for breakfast. They loved it completely. The truth is, it doesn’t matter how fit or unfit you are, how athletic or un-athletic you think you are, the class biokineticist can adapt their workouts to suit anyone. My kids have very different levels of athleticism, and yet they all loved it completely and now they are creating their own gym in the backyard… with a couple of weights and a skipping rope or two. Anyone can have fun moving, they just need a little inspiration and (for some of us) a lot of encouragement.

se7en-19-Jul-18-tempImageForSave 9

My Latest Discovery

Take a look at the photograph of our class on the bikes with my kids. I am in that photograph and I am smiling!!! Stop: look again… I am on a bike and smiling. When I started at gym, I could not want to get on a bike ever and avoided it whenever I could. Last month I took part in The Burn, and we had to ride a Watt bike. I can tell you I was horrified… there is no saddle to mention and I have had eight kids, folks!!! I was convinced I would never ride a bike again… but the first week I rode for about 30 seconds a day… you have to start really small for those impossible things… and no step is too small. Anyway over the month, I slowly built it up to 5 minutes. And the other morning without realising it I cycled for ten minutes… ten whole minutes. So here’s the lesson… don’t be afraid to try new things, and teeny tiny consistent steps will get you where you want to be.


What’s Not Working?

This is something I thought wouldn’t work out and then actually did. We went away for two weeks, a winter break, just a house swap with friends in the city. Can I just say, that I never realised there were so many hills in our city. Not to mention that I thought that I would never workout when we were on holiday, because historically holidays are for lazing around. Turns out… a great way to visit a new neighbourhood is to run… and so we went running every evening, exploring and looking for interesting places to visit, and apart from that the weather was glorious so we spent our days hiking. It was a fantastic holiday, packed with fun exercise and plenty of sleep, because everyone knows that a well-earned sleep is as good as a workout.

se7en-19-Jul-18-tempImageForSave 7

Onwards and Upwards

I really love gym, all of it… I just love being able to get up and go for a hike, without wondering if I can do it, I love being able to just go for a run because its a beautiful day. But honestly, the slow and steadiness of all of this can wear you down, we live in an instantaneous world, and expect instantaneous results. Day after day and week after week it is hard to notice any kind of change at all. But then again, even a month ago I would not have signed up for a 10km race, a month ago I hadn’t been to a triathlon workshop and thought hmmmmmm I really should start swimming again, I really should try and ride a bike… apparently you never forget how! The point is my original goal was to get moving and this year I have been determined to try new things… I am definitely moving, and I am trying new things and more than that I am loving it.


You Can Read About My Journey From the Start…


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