Se7en’s Review of the SSISA Online Sleep Course

Date Published: 09 Oct 2018 Categories: News
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When I began the Healthy Weight Programme eighteen months ago, I knew I was sleep deprived. I could not imagine a time when I would have the energy to go for a run, let alone get through any day without a nap. I did not know just how bad for my health my very poor sleep habits were. Raising children is by definition a great recipe for sleep derivation, and by the time my kids were teens and I was staying up later and later to find some “me time” and getting up earlier and earlier to keep little ones quiet, so as not to wake the big ones… I was a barely functioning sleep disaster.


Photo taken at Women’s Wellness Workshop, at Granny Goose Bedding.
The harsh reality I discovered, when I joined the Healthy Weight Programme was that if you do not sleep correctly, you cannot be healthy and you will never lose weight. No matter how much exercise you do or how many changes you make to your eating habits, your body will resist all changes for the good, until you are getting the correct sleep that you need. Exercising, and having to leave for gym at 5:30 in the morning, meant that I just had to get to bed earlier… and if I was to stay awake throughout the day… I simply had to sleep properly. But how? Once you have realised that you need to sleep better, there are a lot of very practical things that you can do to improve your sleep.

And this is where “Optimise Your Sleep”, an online course by Sport Science, came into play. This course is as close as you can get to a series of appointments with the very best sleep experts in the business. The modules go the extra mile to personalise your sleep sweet spot. You will quickly learn that making do with “just enough sleep” is really  “just not enough” sleep.


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About the Course: Optimise your Sleep

The course consists of 6 modules, each with a series of videos to watch and then printable notes and self-assessment sheets to fill in. At the end of each module is a quick assessment, to make sure that you are actually learning and understanding the material that you have covered so far. Let’s have a look at the course outline:

    1. Module 1: The Basics of Sleep In this module you will learn about sleep architecture, what good sleep is supposed to look like and the sleep goals you should have; and most importantly, the why behind it all. If you don’t know why you need to change then you might never change.
    2. Module 2: Sleep and Your Health This module gets into the details of all the sleep problems. Triggers to look out for in your own sleep habits that might have a root cause in something more than just poor sleeping habits. At the end of this module you will have a good idea of typical sleep abnormalities and the most prevalent sleep problems.
    3. Module 3: Assessing Your Sleep In this module you get to learn how professionals assess sleep. And this is when it gets personal. There are a couple of different sleep assessment forms to fill in, and what to expect from each form and what the results will show you… How to track your sleep, how to keep a sleep diary. This in itself was really useful to me, as it was a bit of a journey in self-discovery… when you think you are sleeping well and discover that you are still sleeping badly about three nights a week.
    4. Module 4: Your Sleep Profile After a week of keeping your sleep diary and when you have filled in all your forms, then you get to find out how to interpret your results. I love that I got to interpret my results myself… it really helped me to understand what kind of a sleeper I am. The questionnaire results give you a much better “true to you” picture of your sleep profile, than if I had just decided to talk about my sleep habits.
    5. Module 5: Assessing Your Sleep This was probably my favourite module… what do all those results mean. Does it matter if you are a night owl or a lark… Actually it does. It is so useful to know, which time of day you should be putting your most energy into work, or exercise … or even when to just call it a day and declare it officially “Time to Sleep.”
    6. Module 6: Putting it All Together And of all the modules, this one is the most fun. Saving all the best for last… this a collection of videos, which are absolutely packed with top tips on how to get better sleep. Sleep hygiene is a thing… your bedding counts, the time you put your screen away for the night affects your sleep quality… where you keep your clutter… also counts. This is pure gold, folks… apart from all the good stuff you learn in this course, it is these practical tips that you can take away and implement in your life immediately… and change your sleep for the better.


Photo taken at Women’s Wellness Workshop, at Granny Goose Bedding.
If you have a sleep problem, this course will definitely help you to find the right sort of professional help that you need. If like myself, you don’t have a sleep problem, but a discipline problem… I always want to do “just one more thing” before going to bed at night… despite a really early start the next morning. This course is loaded with reasons why you have to sleep better, and more than that… how to take charge of your sleep and get it right. When I sleep right it is like living with a different person, my energy levels are off the charts… my get up and go takes me places I could never have dreamed of. The point is that no matter what your sleep looks like, there is always room for improvement… and this course will really help you find places in your lifestyle to tweak and adapt and make sure that you get the best sleep ever. If I had to describe this course in a word it would be: Empowering.


Optimise YOUR Sleep

Find out more about the Optimise Your Sleep Online Course:


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