Move for Health Article 2: Lifestyle upgrade in process

Move for Health Article 2: Lifestyle upgrade in process

Date Published: 19 Sep 2018 Categories: News
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Our lifestyle upgrade starts now! Weekly, for 6 consecutive weeks, the fifteen community papers will publish the Sports Science Institute of SA (SSISA) programme on how to train for a 6km event, as well as provide information, tips and inspiration, for the lifestyle upgrade journey ahead. 

We are hoping that once you have experienced the incredible feeling of wellbeing that physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices provides, that you will maintain it by continually seeking out ways to stay active and in the process encourage those around you to do the same (parents – take special note!)

Capetonians  – the “Woolworths Move for your Health 6km walk/run in proud association with SANParks” which forms part of the iconic 2018 Landmarks event is on our doorstep. Taking place on Sunday 4 November at the WPCC in Rondebosch, Cape Town, the event also boasts a beautiful half marathon.


Whilst we are keen that individual readers adopt healthier lifestyles – we also want schools, teachers, organisations and corporates to consider taking on the challenge and training together for the 6km event. Woolworths in partnership with SSISA, have developed unique educational programmes which for over 15 years, have informed and positively influenced young minds. To incentivise schools– Woolworths are providing cash prizes for both large and small schools who claim the title of the highest percentage of learners as part of the 6km School’s Mass Participation Competition. Please inform any school youknow – about this amazing opportunity to win prize money, have a really fun time and improve their health all in one go. Contact us on move4health@ssisa.comand we will make sure schools get the information.

The focus is purely on participation and speed is irrelevant. During the next 6 weeks – we will also feature a school that is adopting healthy activity routines- perhaps it will be a school where you have a connection?

Teachers, parents, family and the whole community – you are all welcome.


Now back to the 6 week training programme- which kicks off Monday 24 September 2018 – it takes the form of both a running and walking programme. For the techno-junkies, who like using pedometers and apps- we have included how many steps you need to take over and above your general day to day activities in each training session. Here is the first week’s programme:

Week 1

24 – 30 Sept


(in stepcount or time)

Warm-up 15 min WALK  EVERY SESSION  
Mon 2 min jog/ 2 min walk 6 Prepare mentally and practically for weeks ahead
Tues Rest   2400 steps/20 min
Wed 2 min jog/ 2 min walk 6 Rest
Thurs Rest   2400/20 min
Fri 3 min jog/ 2 min walk 5 Rest
Sat Rest   2400/20 min
Sun BRISK 20 min walk   2400/20 min

Enough sitting and reading – grab those takkies and get moving. No more D’s on our Healthy Active Kids SA report card – let’s strive to improve our grade!  Have fun and we look forward to seeing healthy and happy citizens in a few weeks’ time.



Race date Sunday 4 November 2018
Start times 6km 06h45
Registration (individuals) 05h00
COMPULSORY Pre-registration

Schools Mass Participation Competition

Thursday 25 October and Friday 26 October 2018 from 15h00 until 17h30.

SSISA, Boundary Road, Newlands

15h00 – 17h30
Event information SSISA
SSISA information


By: Kathleen Mc Quaide Sports Science Institute of South Africa, Strategic, Media & Sponsorship Manager


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