Exercising during Ramadan

Exercising during Ramadan

Date Published: 16 Apr 2019 Categories: News
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Ramadan is coming up, and we often get asked whether you can exercise while fasting. While different circumstances will influence your ability to keep exercising during Ramadan, the benefits of keeping active during this period is worth considering. We chatted with one of our Muslim gym members, Zubayr Harneker, to get some inside tips about exercising during Ramadan.

Does your lifestyle change much during the fast?

Exercise for me is a way of life, and I believe that during Ramadan you should try live your life as normally as possible. I am lucky in that I manage my own working hours, which gives me the flexibility to adjust my exercise routine during Ramadan. It is understandable that for those working an 8-5 job, it can be very difficult to fit in exercise and get home in time to break fast in the evening.

Why do you keep exercising during Ramadan?

I exercise because it makes me feel good and to maintain fitness. If I don’t do it, I feel miserable. Ramadan is a good time for me to not only work on my mental/spiritual health, but on my physical health too. I am very disciplined by nature, and I make sure that I eat lots of healthy food, including fruit and water, especially during Ramadan.

What do you find is the best time to exercise during Ramadan?

I find the best time for me to exercise during Ramadan is about 2-3 hours before breaking fast in the evening. My weekly routine would involve being active from about 15:30-17:30, including a run of 5-6km followed by a gym workout. This gives me enough time to get home by sunset.

Do you change up your routine when exercising during Ramadan?

I keep doing similar activities, but I lower the intensity of my workouts to about 80% of what I usually do. Staying active during Ramadan actually helps to keep my energy levels up throughout the day, which is contrary to what many people believe.

What are some tips for our readers to keep exercising during Ramadan?

  • Don’t fill your stomach in the morning
  • Don’t buy unnecessary junk food
  • Everything in moderation is key
  • Have a balanced meal in the evening
  • Try to incorporate activity into your daily routine, such as walking to mosque


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