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Date Published: 17 Aug 2020 Categories: News
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What to expect when you visit the SSISA fitness centre during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Sports Science Institute of South Africa has been re-operational since September and we’ve received great feedback from our members. The centre has implemented a variety of safety measures aligned with government regulations to ensure a safer exercise environment for our members. Read below on what you can expect at the fitness centre or watch this walkthrough video for more. 


As you arrive:


  1. Stop at the boom for the first security check. Members will be able to swipe themselves in (right-hand side boom).
  2. Before you enter the building ensure your mask is comfortable, covering your nose and mouth. Everyone must wear a mask to gain access to the building, and keep their mask on for the duration of their visit (unless in a “mask-free” vigorous training zone). 
  3. As you approach main reception you will notice COVID-19 protocol posters and social distancing guides around you. Everyone will be required to undergo a full symptom and body temperature screening before entering via the turnstiles. Members can submit their health-screen questionnaire online via the health check app on the day of their visit or they can fill in a hard copy on arrival.
  4. The fitness centre reception has been fitted with a protective screen and biometric/card access points have been switched off for contactless entry. In order to gain access to the fitness centre, you will need to have a mask and access card. The receptionist will then allow you access through the fitness centre turnstile. Discovery Vitality members must scan their own cards in order to qualify for vitality points.
  5. Hand sanitiser dispensers have been set up at the turnstiles.
  6. The Tru Food kiosk will be open. Members are reminded to adhere to social distancing protocols. Please ensure adequate distancing between tables and chairs and take precautionary measures to sanitize the surfaces before and after use.


As you enter the fitness centre and changing area:


  1. The fitness centre is a triple volume fully ventilated space. Air handling units draw in fresh air from outside. Separate air handling units unit extract air from the area and out the building, ensuring appropriate air circulation and ventilation, compliant with occupational health and safety regulations.
  2. The fitness centre’s capacity will be monitored hourly to adhere to government regulations and a maximum of 50% of full capacity persons will be allowed to train in the fitness centre at any given time.
  3. The fitness centre creche will remain closed until further notice.
  4. The changing rooms will be open, but members are encouraged to arrive in their training gear and to shower at home to reduce traffic to the changing rooms. Every second locker that is marked with signage will be inaccessible to ensure social distancing between the lockers. No lockers keys or towels will be provided and members are therefore required to bring their own locks and drying towels.
  5. The steam rooms will remain closed until further notice to ensure social distancing. 
  6. The bathroom basins are stocked with soap to ensure proper hand hygiene practice. Members are urged to wash their hands before and after interacting with the lockers.
  7. The hair dryers have been removed and additional plug points have been made available should members wish to bring their own.
  8. The pool is chlorinated and will be accessible to swim squad members and general members. A maximum of 6 people will be permitted in each lane. Members are encouraged to view this pool timetable to identify the most accessible time-slots. 


Before you start your workout on the fitness floor:


  1. The fitness staff and members are instructed to wear masks at all times on the fitness floor. Sweat towels and non-essential items are not permitted on the training floor. Areas accessible to members for stretching and training are demarcated on the floor. Members can refer to the posters or ask a floor supervisor for more information.
  2. Mask-free vigorous training zones are demarcated with tape and signage and are limited to cardiovascular machines overlooking the pool. Members may remove their masks in these zones, but must reposition their mask on when leaving the zone.
  3. Class Bookings need to be made via the SSISA app. These bookings may be made by using one of the following methods:
    • The MindBody app on your smartphone
    • The MindBody member portal on your computer’s browser
    • The SSISA app on your smartphone (search for “Sports Science Institute of South Africa” in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store)
  4. Sanitiser stations are set up around the facility to ensure proper hand hygiene practice.
  5. Use the available paper towel and disinfectant to wipe down the equipment you plan to use. Remember to apply the disinfectant to the paper towel before wiping down.
  6. The machinery and equipment have been spaced appropriately to facilitate appropriate social distancing and certain machines will be non-operational.
  7. Weight/Equipment sanitisation drop-off zones have been demarcated. Here, the hygiene staff on duty will disinfect equipment before returning it to place. Mats will be deep cleaned after use and rotated with clean mats periodically. Members are requested to please clean and replace weights heavier than 20kg.
  8. Strict physical distancing practises, will be monitored to limit the number of people training in an open space at any one time to ensure that there is a guaranteed minimum 2-metre distance between those being trained in the facility.
  9. The central water fountain will be non-operational and members are encouraged to use the water fountains located towards the sides of the building by filling up their own water bottles. No paper cups will be provided.   
  10. The hygiene staff have been tasked to perform cleaning protocols with focus on high-touch areas and any other areas identified on the risk assessment.


Our staff are informed:


  1. Our staff have all undergone COVID-19 risk training to ensure the appropriate response and use of emergency equipment in this environment.
  2. A record will be kept of all staff entering the building detailing their points of contact should this be necessary for contact tracing.
  3. Our fitness staff have been instructed to wear masks at all times and to sanitise their working stations and equipment.
  4. Our hygiene staff will work on a rotational shift basis to better to monitor and contain exposure.


General Safety Protocols:


  1. Only one person is permitted to use the elevator at a time.
  2. All cleaning chemicals used in our cleaning are effective against the SARS-CoV-2 virus and correct cleaning protocols are in place and enforced. A full facility deep clean will occur twice daily.
  3. Hand sanitiser will be available and easily accessible throughout the facility for both staff and members to use at all times


The Sports Science Institute of South Africa is committed to ensuring the safety of both our members and staff. All these safety measures are subject to change. We continue to update our procedures to remain compliant with government regulations. If you feel there are ways we can improve the safety of our services, send us an email at


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