Monitoring (AMAS)

Athlete Monitoring and Assessment System (AMAS)

A sport science breakthrough supported by world-class research and 17 years of practical experience

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure” – The Athlete Monitoring & Assessment System (AMAS), is an online monitoring system designed to give all athletes, coaches and managers a clear and scientific understanding of the body’s response to training and how it is adapting to physical and emotional stress. This information allows for evidence-based, informed decisions to be made regarding structuring training to meet your individual needs as an athlete. These superior training strategies help you to:

  • Perform at your best
  • Peak when appropriate
  • Ensure optimal recovery

The AMAS system is ideally suited for parents, coaches, individual athletes, schools, academies, universities or federations. SA Women’s Hockey, SA Women’s Rugby, Western Province Rugby Institute, Ajax Football Club and all our Macsteel Maestro’s athletes are just some of the teams and athletes using AMAS.

The athlete monitoring and assessment system offers:

  • Multi -sport capacity
  • Adjustable secure levels of access
  • Automated on the spot monitoring and physiological assessment reports for entire teams or individuals
  • Smart phone access
  • Individual athlete dashboard
  • Graphs any data submitted by athletes

This system is no different from a business monitoring its books. What accounting is to business – AMAS is to athletes of all abilities.
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For an overview watch the AMAS video below