At SSISA we have developed a range of fitness assessments that determine your sport specific physical fitness and the effectiveness of your training programme. The results obtained from these assessments can identify your strengths and weaknesses in relation to your physical fitness and help in setting attainable fitness goals as well as identify potential imbalances that can lead to the onset of injury.

Our assessments are suited to any individual looking to train smarter and take their performance to the next level. Challenge yourself and see how all that sweaty effort is really affecting your body.

Functional Movement Screening

Get the most out of your body as an athlete by assessing your body’s mobility and stability functions. By finding your bodies inefficiencies in its fundamental movement patterns you’ll Improve your functional and athletic performance and reduce the potential for training and sports related injuries.

  • Administered by qualified Biokineticists
  • Includes a seven exercise movement screening process
  • Individualised report with recomendations
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Body Composition Assessment

Not sure if you’re at ideal racing weight, or how to get to your optimal racing weight then complete the body composition assessment and get to know your body better.

  • Administered by qualified Biokineticists
  • Sum of seven skin folds assessment
  • Individualized report and recommendations
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Race Specific Programmes and Coaching

From Half Marathon’s to multi – stage racing and single day endurance events, train with science behind you and reach for your personal best in your chosen race.

  • Coached by a High Performance consultant who specializes in Endurance Racing
  • Endurance Specific Testing
  • Individualized training programme

Feedback sessions

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