Group Size: 20


THE SHAPE-UP PROGRAMME Previously Healthy Weight Shape-Up is a weight loss and fitness programme hosted at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa centre. The programme uses a progressive approach to exercise led by our team of highly-skilled Biokineticists. Our focus is to make exercise safe, sustainable and fun through the support of our professionals […]

Online Fitness Training

ONLINE FITNESS TRAINING Thank you for your interest in joining the SSISA family and downloading our app! We have a range of solutions available for your online training needs. As we are in the process of developing our integrated payment solution through our SSISA app, we kindly ask you to fill out your details in the […]



Research Innovative Performance Training

RIPT is high intensity, functional training at its best. If you perform regular exercise, and are keen to take your training to the next level with guidance from experts in the field, then RIPT might be for you.

RIPT is a Sports Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA) research-based group-training programme. The performance training uses a combination of several modalities (Olympic lift, strongman, functional exercises, body weight and cardiovascular exercises, high intensity circuits type movements) to improve your fitness, functionality and strength in a safe environment, while providing ongoing assessment and feedback.   UNIQUE […]


GO-4-IT For the rest of your life Whether your goal is to shape up, take part in a sporting event, get stronger and bigger or get leaner, Go-4-It is designed to achieve. Through our holistic and scientific approach this individual 8-week programme will give you the tools and support you need to accomplish your goal.THE […]


KIDZ ON THE MOVE Kidz on the Move aims to get children active. The programme covers all aspects of fitness and is perfectly suited for children who need to get fit or stay fit whilst having fun, making friends and building confidence. Kidz on the Move is an evidence-based programme coordinated by a team of specialists […]


Chronic diseases are a group of diseases that share common risk factors associated with lifestyle choices. These factors, which can increase your risk of chronic disease, include an unhealthy diet, smoking, lack of physical exercise, sedentary behaviour and stress. Besides affecting health and quality of life, chronic disease also accounts for approximately 75% of health […]