Sports Performance


Our Sports Performance Centre’s scientific approach and intervention will help you improve your current level of performance and reach your sport-specific goals, no matter what level of athlete you are.

Teams and individuals can select a range of services according to their needs. These services include:

  • Physiological assessments using world-class expertise and equipment. In this way scientific, individualised training programmes can be designed and prescribed.
  • Fatigue and performance management using our unique web based Athlete Monitoring and Assessment System (AMAS).
  • Sports Team Consulting.
  • High intensity strength and conditioning classes in our High Performance Gym.

Our Sports Performance Centre is designed to bring out the best in you, as an athlete, striving for a personal best or as a coach guiding your team to victory.

Meet The Sports Performance Team

High Performance Gym

Sports Specific Fitness Assessment

Are you looking to move better, tackle harder or hit the ball further? Then find out what’s...

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One on One Strength & Conditioning

Train like a pro and work exclusively to enhance your game and stand out on the sports field...

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Small Group Strength & Conditioning

If one on one is not your thing, then bring in a small team and work together to enhance your...

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Team Training

The difference between winning and losing is often determined by the smallest margins, and...

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  • Need some help to figure out what programme would work best for you?

“Let the Endurance Studio take you to your personal best”

Dr Mike Posthumus

Endurance Studio

The SSISA Endurance Studio is the dream of any endurance athlete, whether you are professional or recreational. Backed by over 20 years of in-house science and research – and managed by the SSISA’s Sports Performance Centre – it’s an ideal place to train and perform your rehabilitation. Our studio is equipped with 10 Wattbikes, 10 Grucox eccentric isokinetic bikes and a core stretching area.


At SSISA we have developed a range of fitness assessments that determine your sport specific physical fitness and the effectiveness of your training programme.


Functional Movement Screening

Get the most out of your body as an athlete by assessing your body’s mobility and stability functions. By finding your bodies inefficiencies in its fundamental movement patterns you’ll Improve your functional and athletic performance and reduce the potential for training and sports related injuries.

  • Administered by qualified Biokineticists
  • Includes a seven exercise movement screening process
  • Individualised report with recommendations.
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Body Composition Assessments

Not sure if you’re at ideal racing weight, or how to get to your optimal racing weight then complete the body composition assessment and get to know your body better.

  • Administered by qualified Biokineticists
  • Sum of seven skin folds assessment
  • Individualised report and recommendations
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Race Specific Programme and Coaching

From Half Marathon’s to multi – stage racing and single day endurance events, train with science behind you and reach for your personal best in your chosen race.

  • Coached by a High Performance consultant who specializes in Endurance Racing.
  • Endurance Specific TestingIndividualized training programme & feedback sessions.
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The difference between winning and losing is often determined by the smallest margins, and teams and coaching staff are always searching for the best methods to improve performance and keep their players and athletes, whether on the field or off, injury-free and ahead of the rest.

We offer a diverse range of consulting services including:

  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Group Testing
  • Training Camps
  • Player development
  • Team structure development
  • Pre and post season planning
  • Speed and Agility
  • Sport Specific Programming
  • Performance Testing
  • Player monitoring
  • Visual performance skills

Our indoor testing centre can host groups or teams of up to 40 people, while the dedicated Sports Performance Centre comprises lecture rooms, various testing laboratories and holds the necessary equipment to perform a variety of physiological tests.

Cycling Service

The Sports Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA) Cycling Laboratory, engineered by the experts at Science to Sport, is a state of the art facility. The performance testing and bike fitment services are offered to all cyclists, whether you are brand new to cycling or an elite or even professional cyclist.