Course Offerings

In terms of programme development and delivery, our focus is on National Qualifications Framework (NQF) levels 2 to 5 (Grade 10 to undergraduate). Our courses fall into the following categories:

  • Non-aligned, non-credit bearing modules — These workshops are of short duration and are offered to federations/organisations on request.
  • Unit standard aligned, non-credit bearing modules — These workshops follow the specific outcomes of a unit standard, however, there is no assessment involved and they are offered to federations/organisations on request.
  • Unit standard aligned, credit bearing modules — These courses or programmes are unit standard based courses that either stand alone, or articulate with skills programmes or qualifications. They are offered to federations/organisations on request.

Currently we only offer contact based courses. The contact based courses are facilitated in the workplace, either at the SSSISA or at a venue selected by the client. Contact courses are run by request with a minimum of 10 learners.