The Sports Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA) has been a pioneer in sporting performance and health for more than 25 years. Since inception in 1984, SSISA, through its association with the University of Cape Town’s Exercise Science and Sports Medicine division, has led the execution, application and dissemination of sports science in South Africa and abroad.

SSISA Academy is founded in science and operates in the digital space – democratising sports science and bringing high-performance programmes to anyone, anywhere in the world.

SSISA Academy is outcomes-based and oriented towards optimising human performance, whether that is through carefully curated online modules or our affiliate programme. All our products are delivered online – with active support by our leading professionals – and each has clearly defined learning outcomes, true to our academic and practical heritage.

Our online portal, conveniently designed with the digital user in mind, hosts all the products, support and a safe and secure payment portal.

Fitness and education have both undergone rapid transformations, where remote learning and training is no longer out of the ordinary. While this rapid scaling of reach is to be celebrated, at SSISA Academy we have made it our mission to disrupt this model and champion widespread access to legitimate sports science-backed programmes.

Our solution allows content experts and thought leaders to provide online skills development courses in an array of disciplines, while all our human performance programmes are built around educating individuals in the basic principles that underpin their training towards better performance. Through our affiliate programme, SSISA Academy empowers corporates, independent facilities and health professionals to provide SSISA Academy-accredited programmes at their facilities.