The Science of EyeGym

Eye and Brain training within the Science of EyeGym plays a fundamental role in many aspects of live and the sporting world is no exception. At  SSISA, we strongly believe that EyeGym plays an integral part in sports performance.

Dr Sherylle Calder

The groundbreaking work done by Dr Sherylle Calder, who has been based at the SSISA since it’s inception in 1996, has demonstrated that visual performance skills, like all other skills, e.g. physical/mental skills, etc, play an important role in sporting performance. Working with world-class teams, Dr Calder has proven that these skills can be taught, trained, practiced and improved via the EyeGym training system.

Dr Calder’s work has also shown in research that this highly specialised form of training enhances the skills needed for reading, comprehending and concentration, amongst others. Which is why she launched a designated EyeGym programme for Schools in January 2011 to help learners boost not only their sporting performance but also their cognitive and learning skills. To date, an untold number of young people have benefited from this exciting EyeGym training programme.

“An outstanding track record”

The only person to have ever won back-to-back World Cups in the history of the rugby union, Sherylle Calder has played a key role in helping England win the 2003 Rugby World Cup and then joined up with South Africa as they won the 2007 title.

A Doctor of Sports Science, her speciality is the field of visual motor skills and performance, an area which leading sports coaches like Sir Clive Woodward and former Springbok rugby coach, Jake White, believe contains the potential for significant enhancement of individual skills by all sports men and women, from potential world champions down to ambitious junior athletes.

Sherylle Calder’s techniques have been utilised by sporting teams as diverse as the New Zealand All Blacks, the Australian cricket team, Formula 1 teams, AFL, Downhill and Aerial Skiing, Sailing, Spanish Men’s Hockey Team, Prada America’s Cup Squad, England and Springbok Rugby Winning World Cup Teams, South Africa’s Davis Cup Team, South African Golf Team, UK Soccer Teams, Monaco Football, South African and British Olympic Athletes, Suntory Rugby Club in Japan, Ernie Els Major Golf winner in 2012 and the Dutch Olympic team, amongst many others.

Dr Calder has also been of benefit to officials in sport working with the Top 10 ICC cricket umpires.

Calder’s expertise in this field has long been recognised by the top sportsmen and women in the world to leading other sporting teams all over the world. Her schools’ programme is also reaping huge rewards for pupils who have improved their eye-hand co-ordination skills, concentration and academic results under her tutelage. Understanding the link between what the eyes see and sending the right message to the brain, requires expert coaching. Dr Calder, the worldwide leading expert in this field, can improve your performances in business, sport or studies through her EyeGym programme. Sherylle’s colleague, Christi Botha, also has vast experience in this field and has travelled extensively with working with teams in the world and South Africa.

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