Clinton Gahwiler’s (BA Hons MA) psychology practice at the SSISA concentrates on the application of psychological principles to enhance sustainable wellness and performance in life and in sport.

His approach is typically short-term, practical and solution-focused, with the aim of fostering the client’s independence through the processes of education, training and support. Interventions take the form of individual consultations and/or group workshops.
There are two main areas of focus, namely sport psychology and health psychology.


Sport psychology


This area of study refers to the application of psychological principles to improving sports performance. Athletes, coaches and parents are taught healthy and effective methods of building mental toughness, coping with the pressures of competition and effective self-management within the context of elite sport.


Health psychology


Health psychology applies psychological principles to maintaining attitudes, behaviours and lifestyles which influence one’s health and well-being in a positive manner. Focus areas include the psychological aspects of weight-loss, chronic disease, and burnout.


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