Prime Time with SSISA

Who qualifies?

If you are at high risk of developing cardiovascular disease, but have completed a stress test with a negative result. If you’ve had a cardiac event, you must have completed at least 3 months of cardiac rehabilitation and have taken a stress ECG that clears you for exercise within the past 12 months.

Training guidelines


To get the most out of your programme you should:


  • Train at least 3 times a week. You can either train with the Prime Time group classes or independently – as long as it coincides with the nurses duty hours.
  • ‘Check in’ with the nurse before and after each session. Any details or measurements will be jotted down in your logbook.
  • Train with a heart rate monitor.
  • Safety parameters will be put in place for you. These are pre-determined by your referring doctor, such as heart rate limits, etc.

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When, where and how?

Phase 1: Assessment and orientation
  • You will be booked in to see the Prime Time Portfolio Manager for an assessment.
  • Baseline data is collected, a member file is established and you will be taken through a general introduction to the programme.
  • You are given your training logbook and introduced to the nurse on duty.
  • Goal setting will take place and a consultation date will be scheduled.
Phase 2: Consultation
  • You will meet the Prime Time Portfolio Manager again for a 60-minute consultation. During this time you are given an individualised programme prescription and guidelines are established for a weekly regime.
  • As a member of the Prime Time programme, you are not advised to train independently between 10h00-16h00 unless you have no other choice; in which case you must wear a heart rate monitor, stay within the limits set and follow your training programme as provided by the Prime Time Programme Manager.

Note: Prime Time members do not have access on Friday evenings or weekends.

Getting started

Before you start the programme, our team of skilled professionals will guide you through a focused induction process. Induction takes place on Mondays at 06:00 or 08:00.


Members on the Prime Time Programme will need to complete an annual stress ECG test and pass the results on to the nurse or, better yet, to the Prime Time Portfolio Manager when their renewal assessment is due (whichever comes first).

Prime Time Frequently Asked Questions

What is Prime Time?

Prime Time is a supervised, group-based exercise programme for people with chronic disease or individuals who are at moderate to high risk.

How do I join Prime Time?

If, during the joining and screening process at our Wellness and Fitness Centre, it is determined that you have an increased health risk profile, you may need to request medical clearance from your doctor for unsupervised exercise. Your doctor may, however, decide that you need a certain level of medical supervision, and that is where the Prime Time programme comes in.

We also cater for those individuals who have completed their first phase rehabilitation following a cardiac event (e.g. a heart attack).

When do classes take place?
Every week day morning at 7h00. The Prime Time programme manager will make recommendations regarding which sessions to attend, based on your specific goals and needs.
How much does it cost?
Prime Time members are required to be members of the SSISA Wellness and Fitness Centre. Despite the additional services offered to Prime Time members, there is no additional cost over and above the membership fee – however, your access is limited to times when medical supervision is provided.
Is it just for older people?
No, it is for anyone either with or with more than 3 risk factors for a chronic disease.
Why is it important to monitor my heart rate and blood pressure?
Most Prime Time members have a heart rate training range which has been prescribed to them by their cardiologist/physician so as to safely participate in exercise. It is important that these ranges and limits are adhered to.

Prime Time Testimonials

Joining SSISA was a life changing experience for me. The gym has definitely become a big part of my life and is such a safe and comfortable environment to exercise in. The staff, nurses, the Biokineticists as well as the members are so amazingly helpful, friendly and caring. The Prime Time class that I am a part of is an exercise programme supervised by Biokineticists and their excellent advice and instructions are invaluable. The workouts are challenging but fun and although I leave exhausted, I can’t wait to return for the next session. Each workout is different so one never gets bored. SSISA is like no other gym I’ve ever been to. I really can say that this has been a wonderful experience and that I feel much healthier than I have felt for several years.   Esme Morris

Be prepared for big changes in your life when you join Prime Time. The trainers have a way of training all the muscles in your body, but not only your body is affected, but many other aspects of your life is affected. You are part of a team consisting of many other people. Sometimes a close bond is formed between members and what happens to them also affects you. So physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually you are affected. The result?  After all this you discover that you have become a healthier, fitter and happier person. A big thank you to the Prime Time trainers and nursing staff. Naomi Rens