OptiFit with the Sports Science Institute of SA

Keen to become a runner with OptiFit?

OptiFit’s 8 to 12-week programmes will inspire/guide you to run 10km, 21km or to start trail running

OptiFit, which runs in association with the Sports Science Institute of SA (SSISA), will have three running programmes early in 2015 (plus more later in the year); 12 weeks to your first 10km novice programme – then 8 weeks to 21.1km programme for 10km runners, and then the 10-week trail programme for aspiring trail runners who can manage 5km on tar but are wanting to complete an intermediate level trail run (10 – 12km).

By joining us on OptiFit – you’ll get:

  • An understanding of your current health status and fitness levels through initial screening and specific fitness testing which serves as a benchmark and against which your improvement is measured.
  • 3 training sessions per week with sports scientist, manager & staff.
  • A choice of a consultation with dietitian, podiatrist or biokineticist.
  • Strength-training exercises to supplement your running.
  • Weekly educational articles and electronic newsletter.
  • Availability of manager online to answer your queries.
  • Support during race and a certificate and celebration after target event.
  • Discounts on key sporting brands from The Sweatshop (in Claremont).
  • A safe and scientific, guided running programme (recent research by UCT’s Exercise Science and Sports Medicine).
  • Unit found it to be extremely safe and scientific with members reaching their goal with no muscle damage or pain.

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Contact Person: Maryse
Phone: 082 740 3410
E-mail: optifit@ssisa.com


Optifit Testimonials

The friendships that were formed and the camaraderie that we developed as a group was amazing. I now understand why people run and it is “MY DRUG”. My daily fix. If I now have not run in 2 days I am not a nice person to be around. I need to be out there enjoying the road, the company, the challenge. What the hell was I doing on a treadmill for so long? There is a world outside of the gym but I do see the huge benefit of strength training in the gym so you need to have a balanced approach. The program teaches you discipline and the group dynamic makes it easier to get on the road when you sometimes don’t feel like it for whatever reason. The program allows you to systematically improve your overall fitness and get ready for your big race. You face your demons and learn how to deal with them. The support from the team and expertise that SISSA has to offer is second to none. How can you not succeed? Neil Carrick

OptiFit - 10 weeks to 21km

As we stood in the cool breeze at the start, I reminded myself why i was doing the event and what i needed to do to achieve my 12-week goal. Surrounded by my lively and somewhat nervous colleagues, I sensed that this was going to be an event to change my life. As the gun went off, I surged forward with the mass of moving bodies- my race had begun. Despite a very challenging hill midway through the race, I only had one thing in mind, NOT TO WALK! I kept putting one foot in front of the other and could feel the metres melting away. Soon the finishing straight was in sight and my heart pounded as I realised Moesharaffa Majiet

OptiFit - 12 weeks to 10km

Partly from my past experiences; I have broken my neck twice and that gave me a lot of time to take a good look at my life. It is the only life I have and I need to make the most of it. Carrying baggage weighs you down. I also get my inspiration from my running group and mentors. There are some inspirational words that stick in my mind; Kathy McQuaide once said’ “We all create our own glass ceilings; nobody can break these but ourselves. It is up to us to break them and continue breaking them. Karen Ervens

OptiFit - 12 weeks to 10km

My sister convinced me to do a half-marathon with her, which was daunting given that I’d never run before, but I needed a goal to work towards. I had no idea how to start training for it, so I went to the Sports Science Institute of South Africa’s website and found a programme to help beginners run 10km in 12 weeks. I signed up and haven’t looked back since. Getting support from the group kept me going and I went from shuddering at the thought of exercise to someone who missed running on rest days. Lauren Smith

OptiFit - 12 weeks to 10km