An innovative and exciting exercise programme for Cape Town Kids

Kidz on the Move aims to get Cape Town children active.

The programme covers all aspects of fitness and is perfectly suited for children between the ages of 7 to 14 who need to get fit or stay fit whilst having fun, making friends and building confidence.

Your child will enjoy…


  • Exercise sessions five days a week.
  • Safe supervised exercise sessions with a biokineticist.
  • Making new friends in a fun environment.
  • More active play which hopefully results in less TV watching and screen time.

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KIDZ on the Move Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of exercise will my child be doing?

All aspects of fitness are covered in the programme – i.e. flexibility, balancing exercises, gross motor skill development, cardiovascular training and resistance training.

What if my child is the most unfit in the class?

We are aware that children vary enormously in terms of both skill and fitness levels. Our instructor is able to adapt exercises in such a way that all the children will be adequately challenged, without becoming despondent.

Your child will be encouraged and motivated to do better, and by using regular assessments, we are able to clearly illustrate the progress they are making.

Is resistance training safe for my child – won’t it stunt his/her growth?

There is no scientific evidence indicating that resistance training has an adverse effect on linear growth during childhood or adolescence or that it will reduce eventual height in adulthood.

Children actually have a lower risk of joint sprains and muscle strains caused by resistance training than adults.

It is very important to ensure that their initial postural alignment is correct, and their class instructor pays special attention to that during the session. Recent scientific research supports supervised resistance training in children.

My child needs to lose weight – will this programme help?

The programme will help your child change their lifestyle by becoming more active, reducing time spent being sedentary, watching tv, playing on their cell phones, etc.

If weight loss is a priority, we recommend you consult our dietitian and if necessary our psychologist so that you approach the issue of weight loss sensitively.