The Science of Movement

Whether you are suffering from a chronic disease or are a top professional athlete, a biokineticist can play a key role in helping you improve your quality of life or performance. He or she does this by means of an individualised assessment and by designing a customised exercise health plan that addresses your specific needs. Biokineticists are specialised therapists who are professionally aligned to health and medicine and are registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.


Lander & Pursad Biokineticists

Lander & Pursad is a biokinetics practice that operates within the SSISA and enjoys a close relationship with the University of Cape Town. As biokineticists, we utilise physical activity as the main therapeutic modality in preventative health care, the improvement of physical conditions, as well as in the final phase of rehabilitation for cardiac, orthopaedic and chronic disease population groups. Our expertise as a world class biokinetics facility encompasses a number of physical conditions, including: orthopaedic injuries, stroke and cardiac patients, arthritic conditions, osteoporosis, joint replacements, back problems, neural conditions, head and spinal cord injuries and others.

Our clients can expect a comprehensive assessment, which determines whether or not they have poor cardiovascular or respiratory function, muscle weakness and imbalances, inflexibility, instability or reduced neuromuscular co-ordination. This is then followed by the prescription of a scientifically and evidence-based exercise programme that is geared toward the improvement of function and quality of life.

Our aim is twofold. We help our clients return to their prior level of functionality and then we help them achieve their maximum potential. We do this by using the latest exercise science research and the most advanced tools in exercise rehabilitation.

Although one-on-one patient to therapist interaction is our central focus, we also offer group Pilates, Healthy Spines and Healthy Moms’ sessions.



Our Pilates classes focus on core stability and strengthening, injury prevention and improve flexibility and posture. Originally created by Joseph Pilates, who developed the Pilates repertoire from strong personal experience in fitness, he termed Pilates as the comprehensive integration of body, mind and spirit. By exercising the deeper stabiliser muscles of the body, Pilates helps to correct muscle imbalances and identify and improve weaker areas of the body. Pilates is a low impact exercise that needs to be executed with awareness and understanding of one’s body.

In addition to healthy normal individuals that need core strengthening, we also offer specialised classes to:

  • Expectant moms
  • New moms
  • Kids (ages 6 to 18)
  • Back pain sufferers – male and female


The Healthy Spines Programme

Conducted in conjunction with medical doctors, Healthy Spines provides rehabilitation exercises for those struggling with recurrent back pain and who prefer working out in a group. Our biokineticists perform a thorough evaluation before our participants’ begin their rehabilitation. This is to ascertain what their specific back problem is and to determine where muscular imbalances, instabilities and/or inflexibilities lie.

The therapeutic modalities used in this programme include hydrotherapy, flexibility and resistance programmes as well as functional stabilisation and core strengthening exercises.

The Programme Offers the Following:

  • Screening and assessment by a biokineticist
  • Regular, individualised exercise sessions
  • A variety of exercise rehabilitation modalities.

Benefits Include:

  • Improvement of function and quality of life
  • Strengthened core musculature and stability
  • Correct posture
  • Improved balance
  • Pain management

There has been an increase in the number of injuries seen in children which is related to the fact that they are not physically literate. In our Children’s Programme we focus on screening children to determine their level of physical development and whether certain milestones have been reached according to the child. They will receive a personalised exercise programme which is created from the screening and evaluation session. The parents can supervise the programme at home ensuring that their child develops injury free. Kids Pilates is also offered to compliment their programme and improve the core stability aspect of their development.


Healthy Mom’s Programme

Healthy Moms is a scientifically based fitness programme designed for the expectant and new mother. All moms are screened and assessed by qualified biokineticists, pre-and post-natal, to monitor progress. The initial assessment includes body fat percentage, pelvic stability and diastasis evaluation, cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, as well as flexibility testing. Exercise sessions take place in a group format, but one-on-one sessions are also available for those with specific needs or serious injuries.
Therapeutic modalities include: gym, aqua therapy, cardiovascular exercise and Pilates classes.

Healthy Moms offers the following:

  • A fun and safe way of keeping fit with other mothers in a professionally supervised environment.
  • A pre and post fitness test conducted by qualified biokineticists.
  • Morning and evening supervised sessions of gym, aqua therapy and Pilates classes.

Benefits Include:

  • Improved posture
  • Toned and strengthened muscles in areas that are under stress, particularly back, abdomen and pelvis
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Assistance with controlled weight gain
  • Improved sense of wellbeing and overall energy levels
  • Increased fitness and endurance during pregnancy as well as labour
  • Rapid return to normal body weight after birth.


Corporate Screening, Testing and Rehabilitation

Lander & Pursad provides services for a variety of corporate companies. These include the testing of employees for wellness, with the goal of improving work efficiency and decreasing the amount of sick leave taken. Our practice also facilitates medical testing for Discovery Health, Sanlam and Momentum.

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