Cycling Performance Summit

Aside from the obvious enjoyment and benefits we gain from cycling – all those extra hours of training we dedicate leading up to a specific event, are usually to improve both our cycling performance and experience. Whether an improvement means finishing in the middle of the pack rather than at the back, winning your age category – or being on the top of the podium at the elite level; you obviously want to see a return on time invested.

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Monitoring Your Training

Monitoring training is a great way to keep track of what you have been doing, and identify what has worked for you and what hasn’t. Previously, weekly distance (kilometres covered in training), and hours spent training have been used to quantify training.

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Optimising Your Cycling Training

There are a variety of disciplines within cycling, each with their own specific demands. The three types we will look at here are Olympic Cross-Country (XCO), Cross-Country Marathon (XCM), and Downhill (DH) riding, and how to plan your cycling training accordingly.

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Planning Your Training

The purpose of all the hours we spend training for a specific event is to improve our performance. Depending on your current level of fitness and experience, improvements could mean finishing in the middle of the pack rather than at the back, winning your age category, or taking the top podium position at the elite level.

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What is Grucox?

The Grucox center is a specialized training and rehabilitation facility located on the 1st floor within the Sports Science Institute of South Africa. It houses the state of the art Grucox eccentric  bicycle. These bicycles are unique in that the Grucox bike’s... read more

How to stay healthy this winter

On the whole, your immune system does a remarkable job of defending you against disease causing microorganisms, but sometimes it fails and unfortunately you get sick. The immune system is precisely what it implies— it is a system and not a single entity. Therefore to... read more

The Spirit of Comrades 2015

The Spirit of Comrades with insightful tips from top running experts By Kathleen Mc Quaide Sports Scientist and Strategic, Marketing and Relationship Manager of the Sports Science Institute of SA (SSISA)   Outside the majestic City Hall in Durban, strains of... read more

Health Benefits of a Holiday

by Kim Woolrich- Biokineticist and Content and Programme Manager at SSISA What happens to our bodies on holiday?   When you go on holiday and stop training for an extended period, the physiological effects of training do diminish.  This can be explained the... read more

“Be Your Own Hero” Week 1

By Kathleen Mc Quaide-Little (Sports Scientist and Marketing and Media Manager, SSISA) Just over a year ago – we were bursting at the seams with excitement, patriotism, passion and admiration for our Bafana Bafana heroes, as they tackled top class teams in the 2010... read more

Breast Cancer Awareness

By Kim Woolrich, Biokineticist & New Initiatives Co-ordinator, SSISA   Breast cancer is a cancer of the glandular breast tissue. Because the breast is composed of identical tissues in males and females, breast cancer also occurs in males, though it is... read more


9 SHAPE team members, 6 different exercise programmes at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA) and 2-3 months in which to pull out all the stops and SHAPE UP!     9 SHAPE team members, 6 different exercise programmes at the Sports Science... read more


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